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Favorite Video Game?

Amelie K

New Member
The last game console I had was a Super Nintendo. Though I don?t have it any more, I?ve refused to upgrade to something more recent. This week, one of my roommates brought home a PlayStation 2. I don?t remember the name of one of the games he bought, but it?s one of those ?special unit vs terrorist? type. This is not at all interesting to me.

Watching him play this boring game lead me to start thinking of my idea of fun games.
Tetris and Super Mario Kart have always been 2 of my favorites.

What?s your favorite video game?


New Member
I looooved Mario Kart, never had a SuperNintendo but used to play at my friend's house.

Any kind of racing game appeals to me :D


New Member
Never Had a Super Nintendo

I never had a nintendo nor a SUPER nintendo......... Why? Because I grew up during the time of Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, and the infamous Atari. be young again. Those were the days! :rolleyes:


The last console system I bought was regular XBOX way back when it first came out and was insanely overpriced. LOL. Nowadays I pretty much just play Day of Defeat whenever I have time on a group server....roughly once a month. :(


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I know of a couple whose only form of exercise is playing the Nintendo Wii.

I am REALLY not into video games, but I would like to check this out eventually. Plus I won't be sitting around on my butt!


i LOVE console games

i have to be honest i LOVE console games!
at the moment i have a wiii and xbox 360.
before i had a ps2 and xbox.
in my house we also have 3 (yes sorry to say) 3 nintendo ds.
but in my defence the nintendo ds are for thr children:)