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Favorite Coffee Chain?

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Lounge' started by azlan, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. azlan

    azlan Affiliate affiliate

    Hi, I was out in the city center recently and could not help notice all the different coffee shops all over the place and the thing is they were all packed out, I initially went into Costa but it was hard to locate or see the menu so I went across the street into Starbucks. Do you have a favorite coffee shop?
  2. Voluum
  3. jaydepp

    jaydepp Affiliate affiliate

    I hate to say it, but Starbucks is definitely my favourite. Their selection of different coffee and flavours is astounding and delicious.
  4. MorgUK

    MorgUK Affiliate affiliate

    Agree with jaydepp, Starbucks has something about it that makes it taste extra nice! I've tried Costa, Nero and a few others and they are alright. Recently I've just bought a coffee set/jug so I can use the ground coffee powder at home. It's an absolute minefield trying to buy a brand of ground coffee, there's different types of beans, different roast amounts, different strengths, different countries, it's crazy! Still haven't found the perfect pack, but it's so much better than instant coffee!
  5. ozadin

    ozadin Affiliate affiliate

    While I don't drink coffee that often, it's always nice to visit a coffee shop just to sit down, and browse on your phone or read a book. I like to frequent either Starbucks unfortunately, or Dunkin Donuts. I have yet to find a small coffee shop that serves great coffee. Unfortunately, I don't go out much so that lowers the chances of me even finding another coffee shop different from Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts.
  6. cefmac

    cefmac Affiliate affiliate

    I much prefer independent coffee shops, but I do like some chain ones too. Starbucks is good for their range of coffees, and their breakfasts are good too (I've had their pots of porridge a few times now), but a bit too expsensive for regular visits. I like Costa for their food - their panini are great - but I haven't tried their coffee, I don't think.
  7. thevirtualtraveler

    thevirtualtraveler Affiliate affiliate

    I am defiantly anti-Starbucks. Never had their coffee but I its for other reasons. I live in Matagalpa, Nicaragua and here there are no well known coffee shops but they are all good. I can say if you want some good coffee get some Cafe Nica!!!
  8. Dahlia02

    Dahlia02 Affiliate affiliate

    I don't have a favorite, but in general I tend to prefer the small, local cafes over franchises.
  9. Bluesky1

    Bluesky1 Affiliate affiliate

    For me it has to be Nero.

    They make a lovely strong Italian Coffee, which I love.

    However, Starbucks made the best festive drinks, although watch out for all those calories!!!