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Fastest Way To Start


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hi all,
i have been reading now for 3 months and am so confused i just want to start.

what is the fastest way i can get on the net with a site that i can promote.
i'm talking like today or the next few days i want to be up and running.

i am prepared to build the content myself over time but i just need to get on the web and start learning.

please help i'm desperate to get on the web

thanks kev

Brandon Tanner

The fastest way?...

It depends. Are you using web authoring software? If not you could just use one of those online site builders. Many hosting companies offer these. It's a very quick and easy way to get a site up and running - especially if you're new to all this stuff. Another option would be to get a blog site ( Also very quick and easy...


Hi Kev,

Boy do I understand where you are! I had one of the worst cases of 'paralysis by analysis' on the books.

It is entirely possible to pick a product, sign up as an affilate and begin an adwords campaign in one day. The downside is that you can lose the shirt off of your back in a week if you don't have a plan.

I broke the paralysis with a pen and paper. I sat down and decided what I wanted to sell, how I was going to sell it. I just forced myself to pick something - you can always refine your strategies as you go along but pick something! Once I wrote down what I wanted to do, I wrote down what steps I needed to take to get underway. If your technical skills are not great (mine aren't!) then keep it simple.

I think the reason it actually worked is that I set aside one weekend to do this and I did it OFFLINE. The more you surf, the more information you will encounter, the more your head has to process and nothing gets done.

Sit down, decide what your first product/service will be (should be something you are interested in), decide how much you want to spend to get it off of the ground. Once you've articulated this, determine what you need to get started - a website?, an adwords account? What is the most basic level of knowledge you need to get started. Note" I said 'get started', not make your first million.

Only when you have made a commitment to a plan should you go online to look for additional information. Don't allow yourself to become distracted by a promise of quick wealth.

I hope this helps, Kev. Good luck.


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I completely agree with Terri. The internet is a subject you can study for the rest of your life. The sooner you break the study mode and put up a site, the sooner you will be able to work out in which direction you would benefit most to head in next.

Site builders are great as you do not have to know much to get your website up and running, and later when it is simple for you to put a site up, you can replace it if you want. Once your site is up, that is when the fun starts, so dont let your website be the uncrossable bridge which is stopping you from getting started.


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Don't jump at the first thing you see. I've been there, done that and have got the bills to prove it. Business on the internet is like any other brick and mortar business. It takes time, patience and lots of work. After two years of slugging, I have finally found what I want to do. I am not quite where I want to be yet but I am on my way. One good resource you might want to look at is LinkReferral. It's a site I just began using to generate traffic to my site. There are lots and lots of business sites there. You might get a few ideas as to what you want to get involved in. You're also quite welcome to have a look at my business as well. Click on my signature file if you're interested in either.




How much are you will to spend? Sure you can do it for cheap but if you want immediate results you are going to have purchase some software. Remember it's a business so consider it an investment.

If you have some money to invest than I highly recommend you purchase either:

$197.00 xSitepro
$295.00 Semiologic - I use them both but I now use Semiologic exclusively on my cluster sites. VERY cool Wordpress CMS and uber search engine friendly.

Also pick up a copy of Adsense Empire.


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Aaaah. What a great subject.

The posts on this thread are so true. You can spend a lifetime reading every ebook and free marketing course that's out there.

I fineally focused on just two IM books that I thought I related to the best. Right now, those are the only two IM books I read.

The trick is to find one or two good ebooks on IM, and then take action. Will you fail a few times, lose some money, get angry and depressed?Probably. But just learn from every mistake and keep taking action.

Here's a quote from Paul McCartney when asked in an interview how the Beatles got started. McCartney said, "Nobody knows how to do it. You just start a band."

I think we can relate that to affiliate marketing. Just get in there and do it.


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Man I couldn't agree more. Kinda like riding a bike or anything else in life for that matter. You just gotta do it. Making mistakes is all part of the game. If you never made a mistake? Well you have never tried ANYTHING. Of course a wise person will learn from the mistakes made.


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True True True.

Do one thing though. When you pick your topic, consider picking something your are very passionate about!

Best of Luck!


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You Have to Believe

What you say is absolutely true. If you don't believe in your product or service, how can you expect someone else to believe in it. You must have real passion for what you do, sell or provide. Passion is what makes it such a joy to be in business for yourself.