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Review Facebook X Power User

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by James carrick, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. James carrick

    James carrick Affiliate affiliate

    Facebook X Power User

    1. How to target ads (targeting) stars for efficiency?
    The issue of targeting ads, ads nationwide is also optimized object. To do this, you can use the A/b Test multiple times with different audience groups. Then select the object bring himself more effective feedback,Bulk conversion

    2. Can edit post when the ads run?
    You can only regenerate 1 new post with new image because the post has run ads then will not be editing after that! Tip: you should have a fanpage not people like, set up to try the posted image content before, try to see what is wrong or not post up the main page.

    3.Can target large fanpage as one item of interest not?
    Only when you are the admin of the page then type the name of the new functionality in the new page into executable interest!

    4. do you ask, targeted customer object is similar to how his customers?

    You on the tab ' Tools "-->" object "---" > create object "-->" Lookalike danced ". Read more here: Find People Similar to Your Customers

    To increase the standard of the object placed in the short term you could refer to the age restriction tool located under Settings. It will sort those under a certain age, or under 18 and under 21. Fanpage you will take away people are wrong age and help for the standard high object density. In the LONG-TERM, the right advertising his object will be the way to improve this situation.

    -Fanpage born in need of constant care, the time you quit 3 months almost pull any interaction of Fanpage about 0 should be forgotten your Fanpage users. Maybe because of that which people ignore information when you post led to the rate view is not high. To improve this need CARE back as before, spent part of the budget to advertise to those who like their page on all posts to create routines for users.

    -Cost of advertising depends on the content and object, if the object is already sure then you need more attractive contents. Can try with Audience insight to see the orientation of the content to the client. Also can be combined with the trend or mounted with celebrities in advertising to reduce the price. If you know what is new I fanpage can think to add are specific to the idea.

    9. do existing advertisements in foreign markets. I want to target objects have A nationality currently living or working in the country B can then target?
    You can try the following to view stars: seat positions in other languages

    10. The Power Users can explain further please e about 3 option this ad ko a. When to use interactive article, when to choose number of people reach different, dark chocolate weekly show?
    Optimized according to interact: When you perform the operation QC aimed to call for interactive users and optimized according to the interaction when the targeted towards good interaction to reduce costs on each weekly interactive.
    The number of impressions (oCPM): aims to optimize weekly show and will be better when you make the brand promotion campaign for products/business.
    The number of people of different daily reach (Unique Reach): in order to optimize costs on weekly outreach in targeted on each user does not overlap. (Good when the campaign headed the campaign to show for new objects).

    11. you yourself asked about advertising on article page-interactive optimizer & I had 2 CPM ứu difference? The difference like? The way that Facebook delivers ads to users of 2 this form as? -When to use the interactive optimizer & when to use CPM
    Interactive optimum (see also, click link, like, cmt, share ...) then FB will direct the ad to the ng or have the habit of interacting with the ads. The CPM on display, this model, you will bid the price to FB show as many ads to ng as possible. Basically, the CPM for branding, the brand coverage increases. Or if you have substance, customer size episode 1 not too large then it runs ok.
    If your budget is small, you should optimize the interaction, and the large budget required repeat mode the higher the coverage can be used to optimize weekly show.

    12. the same Member in the same page of the same article always post 1 and taget together always (mirror in the PE) but I run very expensive lesson 1 lesson is very cheap?
    2 advertising set identical but who see your ads do not match 100%. Another one is if the same ad 2 then 1 time (short stop), Facebook will display the advertisement priority would have hit better interaction.
    13. How to optimize target? I should be focusing on hobby or relationship status, or other factors?
    Optimized target, you must understand the customers you want to target. If can then target all the demographic characteristics consistent with the product (not limited to private hobby or status).
    14. The new budget changes of fb affects how to setup ad? Ads need to change how to fit?
    I will prepare a separate post for this question, Yes:)
    15. A good and stable price ads can maintain the how many days?
    Ads can maintain your budget. But if in the long run, nothing guaranteed to be advertisement is good forever, it can be increased over time.
    About ads good stability in theory if a user in that group following the trend on the rise 1 that is forever always. This year after year like we still read news about celebrities, it is hard to quit habit. If you advertise for these problems immortalized: the best songs of all time, the first film of the cinema, big thinkers then it can survive long because of the view object to install do not know when this foremost grin new emoticon. However, the reality of time too long everything can change and change is definitely something.
    16. Facebook has the concept: "duplicate object" ads. This will affect the distribution of ineffective advertising. So: how to know advertisements have been duplicated?
    Overlap clearly you can see that only the Frequency numbers increasingly, exceed 2 means 1 person look whatever the ad twice. Facebook numbers I put unknown however limit duplicate mode you can handle by: split the group objects in different years or different geographical areas. Also can try auction for unique viewers in at set of ads.
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