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Facebook Marketing - New Facebook Flyers PPC Ads

Linda Buquet

Well I was trying to keep this under my hat and had not planned to blog it. But <a target="_new" href="">Shawn</a> and <a target="_new" href="">Jim</a> already did, so guess there's no reason for me to hold back now. <strong>The reason I was not planning to talk about this new Facebook advertising option is due to the fact that a bunch black hatters caught wind of it and are already ruining it for everyone.

One affiliate showed how he was making $10,000 - $15,000 a day exploiting Flyers in the beginning. Now Facebook is up in arms and it's harder to do any affiliate advertising. </strong> So I just didn't want to spread the word to the wrong people. But everyone knows only white hatters read the 5 Star forum, anyway. :p

<a href="" title="Photo Sharing"><img src="" width="144" height="422" alt="Facebook Flyer" align="left" hspace="10" /></a>

<strong><a target="_new" href="">Facebook Flyers Pro</a></strong> are PPC ads with plenty of room for text plus an image. Standard Facebook Flyers are available as well, that are CPM, but I would not recommend that option.

I found out about this awhile back and just put up a test ad yesterday. You can see the quickie (not great) ad I created along with the targeting options I selected in the screenshot on the left.

<strong>So far in one day I have 1,990 impressions and 0 clicks.
So I'm underwhelmed to say the least. </strong>

However right now the targeting options are pretty limited and the ad is not ideal for the general Facebook population. If I could target to affiliates or Internet marketers it would be better. But I imagine a more general consumer oriented offer or something entertainment oriented could do well.

I also started with a pretty low PPC. (5 cents per click) May raise it in a couple days to see if that makes any difference.

If you try it, please don't do blackhat stuff like creating tons of accounts and auto-posting tons of ads filled with affiliate links. Facebook is onto you guys and you're going to ruin it for honest marketers. Squidoo was good for awhile until the spammers ruined it and forced them to clamp down. The same thing is happening already with Facebook.

<strong>Market responsibly and everyone wins!</strong>