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Facebook Ads + Mobile Offers

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by JwPapi, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. JwPapi

    JwPapi Affiliate affiliate

    Hello Guys,

    I just decided to log my journey into affiliate marketing, since in all projects ive done in my life logging always was a great way to selfreflect and improve. Im currently lifting 1150 pounds total in the big 3 at 185 pounds bodyweight. I played online poker profitable with a 15 Dollar hourly, got paid for football freestyle and did some other funny stuff.

    Im in OM for like 8 years, but I managed just big companies with the boring 9-5 job. Im also hosting nightlife events and I think that the event hosting compared with affiliate marketing could help me out of the desk job which is often filled with annoying and inefficient parts.

    So nough talk for now. Ill now talk about AM. From the guides I've read till now you should focus in the beginning.

    So I have to choose Traffic Sources, Way of Affiliation, Affiliate Network, Verticals & then Offers.

    Traffic Sources:
    Im skilled in Facebook/Instagram Ads and in Search Engine Ads, thats why I choose these both traffic sources. With Search Engine Ads Ill always start with Bing and scale to Google if its worth.

    Way of Affiliation:
    I will start with direct linking. I know its not the most profitable way, but I want to dive in fast and hope I can still make some profit.

    Affiliate Network:
    I made the mistake and instantly applied to a lot of AN, before even checking them out. Thats not a good idea. But now I checked out a lot and I think Peerfly and Dispply are very interesting. Since you get Instant Approval on Peerfly and you can even use your own Trackingpixel, thats awesome.

    Im interested in Fitness, Education, Marketing and MM. So I will choose most offers out of these niches. Im also familar with a Online game for which i promote a Guide, I think im profitable, but im not sure who long the abos go.

    Current Projects:

    1. Online Gaming Guide

    Spent 180 Euro
    819 Clicks
    11 Conversions
    Made 88 Dollar
    I have 11 7-17 Dollars recurring monthly payments.

    But on FB I just pay 13 cent per click now. Not 28 whats my lifetime payment.

    2. Build a Fitness Fan Page

    Here I want to first get 10-20k Likes and then do viral stuff to grow from there and use the site to promote aff products.

    Spent 47 € - 8400 Likes

    Currently im lower than 0.005€ per Like, lets see how down we can go.

    3. Small Lead Campaign

    This one just started. No Data yet.
  2. terraleads
  3. Babs

    Babs Affiliate affiliate

    Impressive results there. Thanks for sharing with us :)
  4. JwPapi

    JwPapi Affiliate affiliate

    Lets wait. Im still down in money obviously. There can come refunds and stuff. Clickbank says the average abonnement is about 40 dollars which would lead to a + but I guess I just have to wait and optimize.

    Khalid HAJOUI-ETTAALIBI Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for sharing such case study. Good work
  6. JwPapi

    JwPapi Affiliate affiliate


    Fitness Fan Page:
    For 51.33€ I got 9344 Likes, thats 0.0055 € per Like. Those Likes are from poor countries but with interest Fitness. Ill now try If I can grow organically from here.

    Gaming Guide:

    240 spent - 88 made.

    Last week:
    80 spent - 0 made.

    90 - 88 made.

    Ill now focus on the states first. Especially in Facebook there was bought a lot of traffic in cheaper countries. Im not sure if this was good.

    Lead Campaign:

    18 spent - 6,40 made

    Since this was very broad targeted, just gender and age. I added some interestes now. And also AB Test the Ads further.. Lets see..
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  7. internalsoul

    internalsoul Moderator moderator affiliate

    Interesting journal, subscribed to it. any new updates?
  8. tourist

    tourist Affiliate affiliate

    i know that he maybe give up .
  9. Tinke

    Tinke Affiliate affiliate

    did you stop your journey

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