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Facebook Ad not getting Approved

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by ns7000, Dec 11, 2014.

  1. ns7000

    ns7000 Affiliate affiliate

    Hey Friends I started a new Ad campaign on FB. However it is not getting approved. I sent them an email asking whats the reason and this is what they have replied.

    Your ad was rejected because the destination URL isn't working properly. Please check the URL for any spelling errors and make sure that it:

    - Has content that loads properly
    - Is viewable from any location
    - Doesn’t initiate a file download (ex: .pdf, .doc)
    - Doesn't trap users in the browser (ex: pop-ups)
    - Doesn’t lead to a link that creates an unexpected, deceptive or unfair experience for people who click the ad (ex: spyware or malware downloads)

    If you'd like to boost your post, please change your URL and recreate your ad. The current post remains published, but isn't running as an ad. If it’s an ad created from the create flow, you can edit it in your ads manager:

    Here is the link for my Ad please tell me what is wrong with this and how to correct it.

    Play Minecraft Tower Defense
  2. terraleads
  3. servandosilva

    servandosilva Moderator moderator affiliate

    I opened your minecraft link and it took me to an adult dating signup.
    Now you know why :)

    Facebook wants all people to reach the same page, no matter which country are they. If their approval team saw what they saw (adult offer) that's why they rejected it, and they could ban your FB Ads account.

    You need to disable the geo redirect.
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