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Facebook’s ads just got way more powerful

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by Just a Marketer, May 9, 2015.

  1. Just a Marketer

    Just a Marketer Affiliate affiliate

    Thought this might be useful here... ;)

    It’s now easier for companies to reach you on Facebook mobile.

    It’s about to get a lot easier for direct marketers to reach consumers on Facebook

    Essentially, Facebook is making it possible for an in-app purchase page to open automatically once a user downloads an app, reports TechCrunch:

    Direct marketing is popular on the web where users can see an ad for a specific product and quickly open it in a new browser tab to make a purchase. But on mobile if a merchant sells through an app, it first must convince people to download their app, then hope customers follow through by digging into the app for the purchase highlighted by the ad.

    Facebook is now letting deep linking handle that last chore instead, which could increase conversion rates to the point that app install ads and direct marketing can be one and the same. I call these “in-app purchase install ads”, and they could help Facebook blow past the $3.32 billion in ad revenue it earned last quarter.

    With this new technology, an ad for a company could come up right on your Facebook News Feed.

    Source: Facebook’s ads just got way more powerful - Fortune
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