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Sumit Pathak

Hey everyone hope all is well with everybody.

I have been watching all the questions put up by everybody and I have found that some of the things you are doing are outdated for example using Web 2.0 and directory submissions really wont give you desired rankings in search engines and sometimes when it does give ,the rankings last only a short while.After going through all questions (and answers as well) I have thought to help everyone for free forever (yes , forever)
I am about to build a website which will target starting as well as seasoned people in online business help start/grow their business with results that will last. And I will offer everyone from this forum all my future products completely free for life (no I am not drunk I seriously will offer all of my products for free to all the members of websitefix forum ) whether you are a long time member joined today.The free product is only for those who have commented.
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OK sumit i will accept your offer first you explain how Web 2.0 and directory submission will not going to give desired ranking elaborate it clearly if you don't mind

Sumit Pathak

OK sumit i will accept your offer first you explain how Web 2.0 and directory submission will not going to give desired ranking elaborate it clearly if you don't mind
Hey paulaugust ,thank you so much or taking time to read my post and I have really no problem elaborating my point.
Before google's penguin update you could do everything from ordering links from fiverr to submitting to directories and get higher rank because you had more back links pointing to your website.But now it's all about quality over quantity.This quantity thing can still work but it has 2 major problems.
1.It is very very inconsistent ,I mean like a lottery sometimes you win and sometimes you loose.You can' expect good results.
2.When you really get results they won't last long.
Below is what works

Now a days it's all about relevance.A relevant link has much more ranking power than a link from an irrelevant site (even if they both have the same Page Rank).For example if I have a website which sells toys then I can rank much higher if I get links from other toy selling sites then I would get with any directory submission.And because the link is gonna hep both toy stores ,nobody would deny it.

Another thing you can do which will benefit you more than directory submission is to get editorial links pointing to your site.Google gives them the most preference.Editorial links are those link which are added by someone else on their website.For example if I have written an advanced guide in journalism and someone has written basic guide in journalism, he/she can link to my website with a heading like "Want to learn more" etc. Editorial links don't include:
  • Blog networks
  • Article directories
  • Most web directories
  • Blog comments
  • Web 2.0 links
Another very good practice would be to take a topic and cover it in depth.In other words ,an inch wide and a mile deep.And write on topics which people are searching for in your market and not what you like.You can use Buzzsumo(paid) ,quora ,reddit etc. to find that topic people are searching for.People don't want any thing new ,people just want better versions of already existing things.
Posts with 2000+ words rank much higher in google than those less than it because people like lengthy content (see the attachment).

And you should also stand out of the crowd with your content design because design is also a key factor which keeps the interest of the reader.

I think I have written very long for a forum post ,so I will end this post here.But if you want some more immediately actionable techniques ,I will be really happy to help you.And by the way podcasts also help improve traffic ,that's why I will also be starting a podcast on my website so I can answer your and everyone else's questions so everybody can benefit with it.

Hope you liked my post and let me know if you are interested in my website.:)


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surya kumar

Directory submission and bookmarking now outdated. Now the best thing you have to concentrate is just the content. Update the content of your site frequently with quality content. On site SEO is playing vital role and then do forum and blog commenting which best suits your niche. Bookmarking will be better with DA sites like delicious, digg and redit to some extent.

Sumit Pathak

Well, It's the 'make money online / 'Second income' niche only for UK ad Ireland.
Search 'make money online in Ireland/UK' on Google and try to guest post on the top three website that you find.

Post guest articles on squidoo and ezine articles.

But try to get back links from as relevant sites as possible.Create such a blog that no body can deny to put you on your blog.
Now if you are thinking how can you create such a great blog post just drop me a word and I will outline my entire process to you.