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Eric - 26, Sac State University - Finance Major

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by eboler, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. eboler

    eboler Affiliate affiliate

    My name is Eric Boler and I make custom jewelry pieces, both gold and silver, do repairs and keep customers coming back to see what's new. I have a website that I would like to drop ship unique jewelry pieces with precious stones and diamonds if I can find a good wholesaler. Any suggestions? Thanks.

    EDIT: My son's name is Eric Boler.
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2014
  2. newbidder
  3. adrian

    adrian Affiliate affiliate

    Welcome to the fix. You would like to drop ship your jewelry or find a jeweler who drop ships?
  4. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Welcome to the Fix.
  5. eboler

    eboler Affiliate affiliate

    Thank-you! Now I think I should tell you I'm not Eric. I'm his "mamager" and I thought I joined this forum before he decided to start making his own custom jewelry but I guess not. My name is Leah Dubyk-Boler but I'm known as thriftgirl62 all over the internet. I must have found this forum on SaleHoo or one of the other wholesale or dropshipping sites. I joined this forum and made the above post because I thought I could talk my son into doing business both on and offline but that didn't happen. He would rather make his own jewelry and do business in person.

    Since I already made him this website [jahda dot com] which isn't quite finished yet, I put myself in charge of online sales - isn't that just like a mother? Anyway, yes I would still like to know if anyone knows where I can find someone who dropships wholesale custom jewelry.

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