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encrypting affiliate links


Can somebody tell me how to encrypt a affiliate link on a blog and also if my link was stolen would i loose sales permently.


Here are some software tools you can use to protect your affiliate links from getting hijacked. Unfortunately once an affiliate link is hijacked by a bum your cookie is then overwritten with theirs permanently. Therefore, it is important to always make sure you protect your own PC from spyware/adware and utilize a link encryption tool to maximize and protect your hard earned leads/profits.

*Here are some of the more popular tools in no particular order. There are probably dozens more though.

Linda Buquet

FYI parasites can ONLY steal your commissions IF the merchant
ALLOWS parasites in their programs.

High integrity affiliate progams don't allow commission stealer in therefore
your commishions can't get stolen if you partner with good merchants.

I know where you can find lots of high integrity merchants! :)

Plus some affiliate networks, notably and make it a point not to let parasites in.

Different story with ClickBank as there seems to be more commission theft and it's a little easier to do there.

You can also cloak links just using htaccess, which is pretty easy.
Heres a great video Jeremy Palmer showing how.

I use GoTryThis because of the reports and graphs it provides. I use it for just regulay link tracking, so I know how many clicks I am sending out to my client's sites.

Here is my review of the program with lots more info.
Organize, Track and Cloak Affiliate Links EASY - GoTryTHIS


Hi Zack,
I've heard many favourable reviews of GoTryThis. Personally, I haven't tried it, but it seems extremely feature rich and definitely a must for serious affiliates.

If you're looking for something basic, I've actually written a lightweight link management script called Simple Link Manager. If you'd like a copy (it's not available to the public yet), just send me a PM. It's nothing fancy, but it gets the job done. :)

You can take the demo for a test spin at .

~ Teli


New Member
Every forum I have been to has this exact same question posted, with similar replies to this question. My take on this is this: I believe the only niche this is a problem is in the IM niche. And theres no protection. For instance: Lets say Im an idiot..... (up for debate I know):cool: I click on a masked aff link. I'll look at the destination url opn a new browser type in the url and go sign up for the aff program and by through my own link.
I havent done extensive research, yet I have asked my friends and some family who buy stuff online. And the HAVE NO IDEA what a hoplink is, or an affiliate program. They dont even get what google adsense is. I watched my girlfriend surf one night, she found an adsense landing page about las vegas and happily referered back to it numerous times.
I still think the only place hoplink theft takes place is in the IM niche, probably where most of the theft takes place. So dint think it really matters what extent you go to hide or mask your link, if someone wants it as theres, there isnt anything you can do. Sorry to sound grim, but I believe its the case.