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Eco-Friendly Products in High Demand!


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If you have seen the cover of the latest Revenue Magazine, you will see their feature story echoes some of the things I have been saying for the past few months. That demand for green products is on the rise, and there is no better time for affiliate marketers to take advantage of this growing market.


In ?Sell Green to Make Green?, John Gartner says recent cultural shifts in our economy have led to more consumers seeking out green products, and he sites that ?30 percent of consumers would buy green if they knew comparable products were available? [paraphrasing].

This is a huge development for online marketers given the demographic of consumers looking for eco-friendly products. The article describes this group as more technologically savvy and more comfortable making online purchases than the average consumer. People looking for green products are more likely to go online where they are easier to find than in the brick and mortar stores where they get lost in the mix of all the other products.

To be successful promoting these products, however, marketers must be willing to add a little information as to why the products they are promoting are considered eco-friendly and why the consumer should purchase. As the affiliate manager of, I make all of our affiliates aware that I am available to help them create content and creatives designed to get that message across.

If you could win the trust of your visitors who are interested in buying the best products that are socially and environmentally sound, they will remember it and come back for more.