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Eclipse just Joined


Hey everyone, I just came across this community and may I say it looks very appealing to one's eyes :)

My name is Eclipse, I'm an ordinary webmaster who lurks on forums all day while also managing my own. I have been a webmaster for a total of 4-5 years now, and have been using forums as an ordinary user for 5 years total. Back when I started using forums, I created my own with Forumotion (a free host). I later moved onto IcyBoards, a free mybb host, and luckily moved onto Paid Hosting afterwards. I have escalated from using Mybb to vBulletin with a few friends, then to IPB for a month, and then finally Xenforo after saving for a long time.

I am pleased with the Xenforo Software, a very unique and elegant forum software :)
Well, that's all I can think of, don't want to make you all bored :p Hope to see you all around!