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Ebooks Won't Give you the SECRET - Keep your wallet in your pocket

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by Linda Buquet, Mar 10, 2007.

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  1. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet <span style="color: #daa520;font-weight: bold;">Me

    Here's part of a long post I made in the general forum today.
    Wanted to copy important points down here in the newbie section.

    Find out why you won't get the magic secrets from eBooks and courses.

    Sometimes I mince words trying too hard to be nice. Especially with all the newbies at my forum - I try to tell them like it is, but cushion it enough that I don't just scare them out of the business before they even begin. One of my biggest industry pet peeves is all the Ebooks and supposed Gurus and self proclaimed "super affiliates" that capitalize on the dreams of n00bs that want to learn the "secret to success."

    I hope Jon doesn't mind me quoting such a long excerpt of his blog, but he gives the advice Ive been wanting to give affiliates for a long time. I always tell them, there is no short cut to success but he hits it alot harder and minces NO words. Check this!

    He then goes on to create what he says is the new definition of "super affiliate" and tells the faker wanna-be super affiliate guru ebook sellers to grow up, get busy and actually go to work making money instead of flashing big fake checks to try to sell ebooks. There's really a wealth of good info in his post and I wish I had the nerve to write they way he does.

    Here's the full post - it's pretty RAW but straight to lots of good points!
    Super Affiliate Marketing Blog ? Why 1% Is Bigger Than 99% - A Message To Ad Networks & Self-Proclaiming Super Affiliates

    So am I saying ALL EBOOKS and COURSES are BAD???
    No there are a few good ones. What I am saying is that there are TONS that are so full of hype or even really good copy that will make you WANT to buy them whether they are any good or not.

    IMPORTANT HINT - If you are looking for EASY money, a QUICK fix,
    MAGIC shortcuts to success - affiliate marketing is NOT for you.
    Quit now and RUN away!

    The sales copy is DESIGNED to push newbie buttons and capitalize
    on your strong desire to learn the secret to success online.
    MOST promoise the world and deliver nothing.

    So keep your wallet in your pocket when you are new.
    Learn all you can here and at other WELL moderated forums that don't allow
    ads and affiliate links in the learning part of the forum.

    That way you can be more assured that the info you get is FREE
    and TRUE because we aren't trying to sell you anything!

    EDITED to add 1/29/08
    Here is ONE ebook that is GREAT and is now FREE!
    <a href="http://affiliate-marketing-forums.5staraffiliateprograms.com/newbie-affiliate-forum/9445-important-free-quit-your-day-job-ebook.html">IMPORTANT FREE Quit your Day Job eBook</a>
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  2. newbidder
  3. Affearners

    Affearners Affiliate affiliate

    I agree

    Linda thats exactly right - if its working for them why would they tell the world? the best way to learn is to network with people who are doing the same as you and learn from the snippets they tell you.
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  4. ritche

    ritche New Member

    Strongly Agree

    You guys are all right and clearly understood. It is only thru the Ebooks where we can learn all the secrets of the trade of Affiliate Marketing.:D
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  5. StephenR

    StephenR Affiliate affiliate

    This topic has come up before and I've been following Jons crusade since he started it. I might not go about it the way Jon is but the intention is in the right place.

    For the most part though HECK YEAH, almost all eBook info is freely available in forums and blogs such as this one. Just look around a bit. The only thing most eBooks do is put it all in one book for you....nothing magical there!
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  6. AffiliateGuild

    AffiliateGuild Affiliate affiliate

    Funny, I don't read a book or ebook thinking it holds all the answers to my
    questions or is the magic goose from which I will get the golden egg. But, I
    do think there are elements of truth in most of these materials, and like
    Stephen said, I look for ebooks/book to pull together some of those bodies of

    I'm not sure about the witchhunt approach to cleaning up affiliate marketing
    because it still boils down to one guy's opinion. So instead, I've taken a bunch
    of those ebooks and put them up for free at the Affiliate Guild. You be the
    judge ... not me. I think what works for one guy, might not work for another.

    For that matter, it's very difficult for a way more experienced marketer to
    subjectively judge materials for a newbie. I think it's really hard to go back to
    where you once were. Probably would be more interesting to have the expert
    evaluate to ebook and the newbie evaluate it ... I'll bet the differences in
    opinion would be so vast that you'd have to view most of these ebooks
    through new eyes.

    Don't throw out the baby with the bath water. There are good elements in
    many of these materials. There's also a lot of hype, but there are also many
    members of this forum who use hype or promote hyped up materials as well.
    Start banning books ... it goes against values and liberties most of us hold
    dear. Maybe next it will be your website that gets blacklisted next?!

    Hard work alone does not guarantee success, if it did there would be many
    more successful people in this world. It has to be coupled with knowledge
    and an ability to impliment that knowledge. These ebooks are part of the
    equation, even if out dated ... institutional memory is important because
    most things in life are cyclical.
  7. Oregon Coast Guy

    Oregon Coast Guy Affiliate affiliate

    I love anything that Ken Evoy has put out. The guy is the master of the pre-sell and a great communicator.
  8. Teli

    Teli Affiliate affiliate

    I agree with both you, Linda, and Bobbie. People won't find the secret to anything, life or otherwise, from an ebook, but they can certainly learn something from them.

    It seems a vast majority of the ebooks coming out right are fluff, but there are some good ones. They pull the information from a variety of resources and place them in an easy to reference manual. Some examples are books put out by Rosalind Gardner, Ken Evoy, and even Jeremy Palmer.

    For someone just getting started, ebooks can be beneficial by saving time; cruising the myriad blogs and forums, then actually separating the wheat from the chaff, takes a tremendous amount of time, patience, and dedication.

    Of course, if someone decides to purchase an ebook, it should only serve as the jumping off point -- a nudge, if you will, to start experimenting and discovering some techniques for herself.

    ~ Teli
  9. quantumtiger

    quantumtiger Affiliate affiliate

    "All of Those Ebooks"


    The feeling of anticipation and the obsession of this one is "gunna" be the one.

    Has drained my credit card many times over.

    And all of the ebooks that I have printed out and read through at least twice.

    I still haven't made a single dollar online.

    It would be so easy to say it's all rubbish and quit

    But I know I've learnt some thing from each one, and I know is just going into a bit melting pot inside me and one day it will come out as a very tasty "money-making web biz stew."

    I've only been posting to forums for a week now,
    I think know I can get answers and guidance instead of just theory.
  10. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet <span style="color: #daa520;font-weight: bold;">Me

    "But I know I've learnt some thing from each one, and I know is just going into a bit melting pot inside me and one day it will come out as a very tasty "money-making web biz stew."

    If I was doing a contest for the best one-liner of the week
    that would be it!!!:D

    Great attitude!
    You hang in there and keep trying! [​IMG]
  11. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet <span style="color: #daa520;font-weight: bold;">Me

    Oh and by the way... Just checked your sig.

    The reason you are not making money is you are making the most common mistake newbies make. You are NOOB trying to sell Internet marketing stuff.
    Worst place to start. I've written about it many times. YOu need to find a niche and quit trying to sell get righ quick and webmaster type stuff.

    YOu are swimming with sharks before you even know how to swim. Get out of the water quick and find a niche! I've written lots about that too.
    Stop posting and read up for a bit. Then let us help you get started in
    the right direction for you.
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  12. quantumtiger

    quantumtiger Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Linda

    Thanks for your words of wisdom.

    What I am learning from my short time in forums is that I can write in a way that creates a response.

    Something I feel good about, coming from a background of making a living with my hands.

    As my confidence in this area grows so does my realization that I have to get a handle of the techie side of things so that I can put the two together and apply them in the way that you mentioned.

    5 Star has done so much for me in a very short time.

    Thank-you all so much.
  13. Dorian

    Dorian Affiliate affiliate

    Pertaining to this post Linda, were would be the best place for a novice to start? This might provide with some good content for my subscriber base.

  14. RedHat39

    RedHat39 Affiliate affiliate

    Any book that claims they have the SECRET and wants to charge you for it should definately be ignored. They are like Linda says just "pushing buttons" on the newbie affiliate marketer to spur sales.

    Want to know the SECRET for free?

    The SECRET is to actually get involved and stay consistant at marketing one product or service. Don't be one of those people that jump from product to product looking for that big score immediately.

    Its been said, and I believe it to be true, that 99% of all affiliate marketers fail because:
    A) they never act on anything they are read or taught. They either procrastinate and put off doing anything till later, and soon forget altogether so they never act. Or...
    B) and this is the biggest mistake of all, they jump on a new "fad" market and hope to get rich immediately when they don't they jump ship to another "fad". Soon getting discouraged and quit altogether.

    Most all of these ebooks you can buy are just rehashed info from someone elses ebook that you can probably get for free somewhere. Want a good place to look for free ebooks? Try SureFireWealth you can get a totally free silver membership there that will give you access to 100s and 100s of free ebooks that many people today are rehashing and selling for $27 - $97

    Are there ebooks worth buying? Yes there are. But most of them are of the "instructional" and "how to" variety. And with the advent of Jonathan Leger's $7 secrets script many of them are dirt cheap now.

    Affiliate marketing is tough and not an immediately lucrative career. I've been doing it for years and still only average $100 - $300 monthly. And yes I spent a ton of money on ebooks at first. I rarely ever buy one now and I always check $7 Offers - http://www.7dollaroffers.com first before I buy any ebook.
  15. affi79

    affi79 Affiliate affiliate

    Hi everyone. You guys have some great points here. An Ebook will not solve all your problems or give you a magical key to wealth, but I have learned a lot from them. I like to buy them every once in a while just to see if I can learn anything new, and usually I do. Somtimes someone will have a tip that is new and fresh compared to what I was doing at the time, I'll utilize it, and have it work for my benefit. Now I am not saying to buy every new ebook that comes around, but maybe one every once in a while may help refresh your business.
  16. OnlineDownloads

    OnlineDownloads Affiliate affiliate

    I agree with all the comments made by the fellow members. The ebooks are just guides not an alternative for get rich schemes.
  17. AffiliateGuild

    AffiliateGuild Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Dorian,
    Hey instead of having Linda repeat herself on a question like that ... go read the Newbie Forum's stickiess. All that type of info is there for you already. Do us a favor though, if you use it ... please rewrite the content into your own words. ;)
  18. rlitton

    rlitton New Member

    You are right, before I joined this forum I started to realize that I was trying to compete with the big dogs. I have only maketing program I promote because it is the one that helped me get started. I am new to this forum but there is loads of info here. Great Job!
  19. yanbiz

    yanbiz New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Interesting posts to all of you. Some gurus try to sell their secrets and make money from it. Like many of you, I've bought miraculous books that would bring me my million dollars effortless, that was crap, even books that were sold $700 USD (I'm not joking) and I've bought it! I was as green as grass and blinded in the dark.

    Most successfull internet marketer failed before they succeed because they tried and made mistakes. From all my readings in blogs, articles and posts in forums, it seems to be a common fact, we all probably need to get a little burned before we appreciate the heat.

    True successfull internet marketers share their called "secrets" or their tips for free (blogs, articles, etc.) or even in your afiliate program. Internet marketers is not rocket science, it's simply hard work and consistence in your actions towards meaning full goals. We just need to know what we're doing and understand what we're doing.

    Forums like this one have much more free resources you can learn from than spending a small fortune (like I did) on expensive material. I have received an e-mail lately that was mentionning something like: "crack code" Google Adwords, I will share my secrets and you will get unlimited FREE PPC forever and it was a book sold for about 50$. We have to be aware of these offers...
  20. jbristle

    jbristle New Member

    This is awesome, I liked the article.
  21. Deedboy

    Deedboy Affiliate affiliate

    yes most of all are hypes but...

    most of all you can find them for free
    some are really good and they're not so expensive.

    you have only to search the right ebooks

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