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eBay Reveals info about API Affiliate Tools

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by Linda Buquet, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet Affiliate affiliate

    The Affiliate API Program is part of the eBay Developers Program and is offered to give affiliates a wide variety of industry-leading solutions and services and provides API access to eBay Web Services so affiliates can create exciting new content and user tools.

    David Utter from iEntry just wrote an article for WebProNews
    David Utter from iEntry just wrote an article for WebProNews which he also osted in my Affiliate forum over at WPW. He interviewed EBay?s Sean Crotty the Affiliate Developers Manager which revealed some interesting info.

    Sean says that API usage has had a big impact on affiliate business, stating that affiliates who use API calls to build apps tend to see returns increase by a third over those who do not. Couple that with the fact that eBay recently raised commissions for affiliates that are approved for the eBay API Tier, I think code jockey type affiliates should take a serious look at this option. So what's the hot untapped eBay niche?
    With the ability to use the data from eBay in creative new ways with the use of the API, I'm certain some innovative affiliates will take advantage of this market segment as well as many others. Check out the eBay affiliate program and all the affiliate-centered tools that are available, including the API.

    What do you think? Anyone here using the API?
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  3. StephenR

    StephenR Affiliate affiliate

    The affiliate API Program is very beneficial to "code jockey" type affiliates to integrate into eBays proven eCommerce platform. I haven't messed with the API but am now curious to take a look into its workings.

    It's kind of funny Linda....about a year ago I was looking to strike up relations to move heavy equipment/machinery via a site I planned on launching....I couldn't find a single vendor or distributor to promote. This eBay angle in the heavy equipment industry is kind of enticing......

    Any API'ers out there?
  4. hongo

    hongo Guest

  5. Teli

    Teli Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks hongo for the link to your software.

    There is still so much in this forum that I've not had a chance to read through yet and this eBay API opens up so many possibilities.

    Mainly I'm thinking about a Google AdSense type integration within a site to product lists pulled directly from current eBay auctions.

    Thanks for breathing some life back into this thread hongo :)

    ~ Teli
  6. hongo

    hongo Guest

    eBai api contract

    Hi Teli,

    Thank you for your reply,

    Make sure to read eBay affiliate api contract before do that,

    You can not list your own items only as affiliate in your website,
    you can list your items and others but not only yours if you are using affiliate links.

    If you want to list your own items only then do not use affiliate linking, ebay does not allow affiliates to promote their own items along within the affiliate program.

    You can still using the software to retrieve those items but make sure to link directly without the affiliate CJ link, please sign up into our forum for more detailed technical description abou how to do that.

    BeListings Free eBay software Help
  7. Teli

    Teli Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks hongo for clarifying - I personally don't list products on eBay, but it's good to know in case anyone does decide to list only their items on their websites.

    So, question, with your script - can a user distinguish between their own items as opposed to others' products (for affiliate linking purposes)? Or is it simply a matter of separating the display (i.e. first items link directly to one's own auction items, and the second set links to affiliate auctions)?

    Hope that question makes sense.

    ~ Teli
  8. hongo

    hongo Guest

    eBay lsitings by user

    ebay does not allow to filter by user ID using the API just because the past rule that I mentioned to you.

    But, let say that you sell Rolex watches, then in all you items you do something like. (In all items titles)

    Rolex watch model XX1 from Teli
    Rolex watch model XX2 from Teli
    Rolex watch model XX3 from Teli

    in all titles of your ebay publications, then use the script to search for:
    ebayQuery = "Rolex watch Teli"

    using that criteria then only your items will be listed.

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