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Pay-Per-Click program are very popular form of earning money from a web site. This type of program allows you to generate income from your website. This type of program is generally based on the search result of ads they are well-matched to your site content. Basically this type of program will enhance your page and make it more useful to the visitors and they will find interest to surf those ads rather then being annoyed like pop up ads. Definitely you will earn small revenue if anyone visits those ads which are usually shown random basis totally dependent on your page content. There are many PPC program online you may choose the best one form here that suits you best.


I use PPC for all of my sites though i will admit that i bid low and keep my costs down as much as possible. I would rather spend the money on other marketing areas such as my offline promotions. PPC can get expensive if you try to bid too high.


You also want to make sure you monitor your conversions because as LifeofEgypt said you can spend a lot of money. When I first started in affiliate marketing I used to throw money into PPC just to keep my income taxes down but when I started doing conversion testing, it was a waste. Yes, it's easy traffic but you have to be crafty and learn how make that traffic convert in order to be successful at it.