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Earn and Make Cheap Calls to the Philippines Through Callpinoy!


Callpinoy launches its free Affiliate Program. Enjoy two-tier and monthly recurring benefits while making cheap calls to the Philippines!

Union City, California (November 2005) - Callpinoy was not merely developed to help Filipinos talk to their love ones all day and all night. Callpinoy isn?t also all about offering cheap and unlimited calling plans. It also offers a gateway for Callpinoy subscribers and referrers to make money!

Earn with Callpinoy

Join the amazing Callpinoy Affiliate Program for free! Enjoy two-tier and monthly recurring benefits! This is how it works:

If you refer a friend who decides to subscribe to one of our plans, you automatically get 7% of the service plan that he/she subscribed to. If your referral decides to become an affiliate and makes a sale, you get 2% of the amount of his sale. The coolest thing is that your benefit as an affiliate is recurring! That means you earn 7% every month for every sale you make and 2% from your sub-affilaites sale every month for every sale he makes. You can track your sales through an affiliate account that will be given to you. Amazing, huh? To register as affiliate, please go to: .

What if you?re not a Callpinoy affiliate? No worries! Callpinoy has prepared something for you!. Get a $1 Callpinoy per validated referral email you send! Send Callpinoy referral email to as many friends as you can. Our Callpinoy staff will send you an email each week to let you know how much load you got!

What is Callpinoy?

Callpinoy is the first service that offers unlimited calling for Filipinos
working or living in Canada, China, USA and its Territories to call back to the Philippines. Services will be available in Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, United Kingdom and Italy soon! It is Callpinoy's goal to encourage constant communication between Filipinos and their friends and families back home.

Callpinoy is an unlimited phone-to-phone calls to the Philippines. It is not an internet phone service. A subscriber does not need a computer to make and/or receive a call. It is a direct phone-to-phone service wherein users can make calls from their landline or mobile phone, directly to the wireless phone of their family and friends in the Philippines.

Calling Plans

Unlimited Calls to the Philippines for $79 per month. Calls may originate from local access numbers to the wireless phones in the Philippines. The system is so sophisticated, that you do not need to memorize and enter your PIN if you activate Caller-ID authentication. For convenience, you may also call into Callpinoy?s toll-free numbers instead of local access numbers for an additional 3 cents per minute.

A pre-payment of $588 entitles a subscriber to a whole year of unlimited calls. That?s $45 per month of unlimited calls! Choose this option to save a whopping $360.00 for one year!

Talk 1,000 Minutes for $59 per month to the Philippines. Call into the local access number and the Callpinoy system recognizes your Caller-ID for automatic authentication, and then dial your Philippine number. You have 1,000 minutes of talk time per month to the Philippines. Toll-free calls on this plan only cost an additional 1 cent per minute. Use up all your minutes on this program, because unused minutes will not carry over to the next month. This is such a great value; calls come out to only 5.9 cents per minute to the Philippines!

For the person who does not spend a lot of time calling the Philippines, Callpinoy has a Rollover Plan. For a $5 monthly fee. Subscriber may purchase calling credits to the Philippines for as low as 10 cents per minute. Unused minutes on this plan will carry over to the next month as long at the monthly fee is paid. Toll-free calls on this plan will only cost an additional 1 cent per minute.

Callpinoy prides itself with its friendly and approachable customer service representatives, which will assist you with your questions and concerns regarding Callpinoy services and affiliate programs. We offer a 24-hour calling live chat and toll-free assistance.

So what are you waiting for? Be part of Callpinoy?s affiliate program and be amazed! Go to to register.

Contact Information:

Maida M. Barrientos Press and Marketing Head
3982-A Horner St., Union City
California, 94587-2516, USA
Toll Free: 1-866-360-5809
Fax: 1-510-431-5331