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Earn $25 - $50 per day (No Investment Needed)(WEBCam Technique)

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by juzlee, Jan 5, 2016.

  1. juzlee

    juzlee Affiliate affiliate

    Hello. I want to share this method that I always use in the past which brings me an average of $20 to $50 when i made High Quality campaigns and scaled it up well. I don't know if it still works as its supposed to be in the past but ill still teach you how to do the basics of it.

    This is how much I earned(All Time earnings) in a certain CPA network in the past when i used this method: [​IMG]

    NOTE: Please choose a CPA network that allow this kind of niches. I will not be held responsible if you are banned in a CPAnetwork that doesnt accept this kind of niches.

    The reason I stop using this method is because it involves lewd or nude niches and my conscience can't take it in the long run (hahaha but seriously its the truth) so I decided to stop BH and do WH.

    So let's get started into business

    Summary: The method is all about webcam chat sites like omegle and chat roulette etc. any video chat sites will do, in fact you must have many chat sites available for scaling purposes (yes this is scalable).

    Things you will need are the ff:

    ManyCam - google it for free

    List of video chat sites - here are the common ones:

    High Quality Adult Landing Page/Link Locker - this is common sense but ill still mention this. You can use your own domain or link/file lockers as long as its HQ.

    VPNs, Multiple Browsers and Multiple VirtualBoxes
    (Optional) - these are for scaling purposes only

    So if you have the following things above then lets begin!

    After you have downloaded ManyCam open it and click the plus icon in the blank screen just like in the image below:

    After clicking the plus icon select "Media files" and select a sexy pic for you niche just like in the image below: (Remember that you can also use a GIF or video to be more High Quality)

    After adding a nice sexy pic (or if you want to be extreme then use nude pics) then add some text in it. Go to manycam and add your website or link locker just like in the image below: (Note that you can add text in the image using photoshop so it will be more high quality and more customizable)

    After all editing in the pic be sure to prepare your landing page/money page to be of High Quality. You can use a domain or link locker as long as your landing page is High Quality.

    Now go to at least one common site i mentioned above. In this example I will use omegle.

    Go to omegle then start video chatting. your edited pic in manycam will then show in the their video feed resulting in a free traffic just like in the image below:

    Scaling the method:

    *You can open multiple video chatting sites in multiple browsers.

    *You can use multiple browsers on the same video chatting site resulting in multiple free traffic. As long as ManyCam is open, it will send the edited pic in all your existing video chatting sites in all your browsers.

    *Using Virtualbox is also one way of scaling it in combination with multiple browser method (just make sure that many cam is also installed on the virtual OS and you pc can handle it)

    *If you are really dedicated on scaling this method to the roof then you can buy or use cheap VPNs to maximize the scaling power of VirtualBox and multiple browser method.

    Things to remember:

    *Image source is not only limited to pics and GIFS. You can also use videos and youtube url as image source as well.

    *You can open multiple video chatting sites in multiple browsers in multiple virtual boxes as long your computer can handle it.
    Example: You can open omegle, chatroulette, Bazoocam, Funyo and many more on different browsers on different virtualboxes.

    *Be sure that your work is High Quality (landing pages/link lockers and niche pic). I recommend using GIF or videos for your niche and adding a text in it tru photoshop so you can achieve an HQ campaign

    *You can leave your computer as it is when your campaign starts since most of the sites auto-reconnect when your chat mate leaves or you two are in an idle conversation for a long time.

    *The more attractive your pic is the better the Conversion Rate.

    *Before using VPNs as scaling option, be sure that you are earning constant money in a single pc before using VPN.

    *I will not be held responsible if you are banned in using this method in a CPA network that doesn't allow this adult niches

    *If you want to remove the manycam watermark in the lower right of the pic then you can download a [email protected] version of manycam in torrent sites.
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  2. terraleads
  3. CPA.Stdnt

    CPA.Stdnt Affiliate affiliate

    Are you still earning with this strategy ?
  4. IndeXer

    IndeXer Affiliate affiliate

    Method is old, pretty effective with GIF's, VCW's & short videos. I've seen some people still making money out of this.
  5. Dr. Forum

    Dr. Forum Affiliate affiliate

    I can see the method is cool and has been working for you. Just want to know the time you have taken to earn the above amount of dollars. I will be much glad also if you offered me the time you broke even. If the method is still working for you, I will be much interested in learning a few more tips under your mentor ship. Should it only be used with sexy photos and GIFs? It is one of mu concern and kindly expound on this issue so that we can weigh the viability.
  6. juzlee

    juzlee Affiliate affiliate

    @Dr. Forum

    When i did this method it took me almost 1 year to reach that kind of earnings but like what I said in my post I eventually leave the method because my conscience really can't take it in the long run because it is a very BH thing.

    I've been earning $25 - $50 a day with this method but sometimes I also earn nothing when there are almost no users in the chat sites. It varies from time to time, also you should have at least a very convincing video to lure the users into your landing page and you should really scale this method to reach the average amount I am earning in the past.

    The method is only the basics of it and i don't want to teach some advance application of the method, it is for all of you to be creative and find ways on how to scale it, boost it and multiply the production of your campaigns.
  7. UltimateSurveyBot

    UltimateSurveyBot Affiliate affiliate

    Old method , this is not working for sooooo looong .
  8. PR0X

    PR0X Affiliate affiliate

    For people saying this method doesn't work, it sure does. I've been doing this kind of monetizing and you won't believe how many horny men fall for this. Great tut though!
  9. fexsacmelebi

    fexsacmelebi Affiliate affiliate

    I dont want to waste my time for nothing. Can anyone recommend this method stil works?
  10. Sheeperman

    Sheeperman Affiliate affiliate


    i tried this method... but in some way , it's horrible , i mean mentally.
  11. fexsacmelebi

    fexsacmelebi Affiliate affiliate

  12. emirazumi

    emirazumi Affiliate affiliate


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