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E-Books are totally evil, hehe

Discussion in 'General Internet Marketing' started by bfree74, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. bfree74

    bfree74 Affiliate affiliate

    Now I haven't been around for an incredibly long time, but it seems to me that the majority of E-Books being sold are a complete joke. I don't mean to say that the authors of these books don't know what they are talking about, but it just seems to me like you can learn just about anything you wanted to on Affiliate marketing, SEO, or what have you from free resources on the web. Either through forums, blogs, free articles, magazines and e-zines there is a plethora of information out there. However, I also know that people are impulsive and make purchases without fully investigating the topic. This scenario seems to work out pretty well for the so-called experts selling E-books and the affiliates recruited to help sell these books making plenty of money from some unsuspecting schmo who doesnt realize he can obtain all the information in the E-Book from rooting around online for a bit. The thing that I feel is a joke is that these people are interested in starting something online, but they dont even have the understanding of how vast and informative the Internet is. I dont think E-Book authors are bad people, they are smart marketers taking advantage of feeble minded people with credit cards. I personally have learned everything I know to this point through free resources, reading and sifting through and making sense of it all. Sorry about the rant, but I dreamt of E-Books chasin me in a dream last night.
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