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Don't understand

Byron Darensburg

I bought a pay per click ad on Google,and I see that for almost a week it has 0 clicks and 23 "impressions." What are impressions?I kept my cost per click at an affordable rate,and I didn't get any of the extras,at least not until I know what I am doing.I just want to know what impressions are,and why I only have 23.


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Bryon, one way to look at impressions would be the number of times vistors have seen a page and the advertising on that page. In your case it would mean visitors would have seen your ad 23 times, assuming they looked at it when it was there for them to see.

Having no clicks out of 23 isn't bad. Depending on all types of factors, many people would be pleased with 2 or 3 clicks out of 100 impressions.