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Don't be a TURKEY! Free Super Affiliate Seminar on Black Friday

Linda Buquet

Don't be a turkey!

Attend this FREE seminar from 2 top SUPER affiliates!

<a target="_new" href=""><img src="" alt="turkey ham" align="left" hspace="10" /></a>
Jeremy Palmer, the "million-dollar affiliate" and author of <a target="_new" href="">High Performance Affiliate Marketing</a> and Ros Gardner, super affiliate and author of the "<a target="_new" href="">Affiliate Handbook</a>" will be putting on a special FREE teleseminar on Black Friday at 8PM Eastern.

<strong>Ros warns "don?t ingest too much tryptophan (eat too much turkey) the night before - you?ll want to be wide awake for this one!"

So don't eat turkey, eat ham!</strong> ;-)

Ros doesn't say what the seminar is about, but based on the timing, I bet the dynamic duo will give you at least a few tips about how to rack up more Holiday sales.

Check it out, full details coming soon.
<strong><a target="_new" href="">Black Friday Teleseminar with Jeremy Palmer and Ros Gardner</a></strong>

(PS You like the pic I found for this post? I just crack myself up sometimes!) :p


Thanks for the info. I wish I knew more about this seminar. Is it going to be online?

Oh yeah I like the picture. Did you drive by my house and take a picture of my turkey. LOL... I have that exact turkey in my front yard.

Linda Buquet

Just reading more about the gotowebinar service they are using. Not sure I have it totally right but it looks like its an online presentation but you listen by phone and can possibly talk and ask questions too. Not sure.

Sounds like you may have a long distance call charge, but that's all. Well worth it for a one hour seminar with these pros.

How does the free voice conferencing feature work?

Our free voice conferencing service provides a toll-based number that is dialed by all meeting participants. Participants are then charged their standard long-distance rate for calling this toll-based number, just as if they made a regular long-distance call. There is no additional charge for this conferencing feature.

More info: