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Domains with superior natural links - Why you'd start a project from scratch again?

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by randallf, Aug 15, 2014.

  1. randallf

    randallf Affiliate affiliate


    If you haven't noticed, domains are like gold dust right now. The momentum has shifted and marketers are rushing to buy up domains with great backlink profiles. Why? Because Google is closing in on traditional spamming methods and this has caused the power of domains with natural links to skyrocket. In other words they have become a greater source of link-juice, much better than traditional blackhat methods of linkbuilding.

    Forgive me, but I don't believe I should explain all of the reasoning behind why you would want to buy up existing domains with natural link profiles. If you don't already know the power of these domains, then you're probably not going to use the domains correctly anyway and it will be a waste of time. These domains are for marketers who understand the power of domains which harbor a cluster-fuck of high PageRank backlinks.

    Competition for domains with natural links is getting tight

    Demand has forced prices up and it is much harder to find good domains for cheap than it was a year ago. We found a way to find domains and acquire them in ways that allow us to sell them to you for cheap. We want to be your number one source for good domains.

    The most important part of a domain is the backlink profile

    Don't be fooled by a domain's PageRank, it is a dying metric and inaccurate. What matters is the power of a backlink profile. We look past a domain's PageRank and select domains based completely on the backlink profile. This takes a lot of effort but the results are cheap powerful domains to be used in many ways.

    All of our domains;

    • Have 100% natural Backlink profiles
    • Have not been penalized
    • Have not been used in a Blog Network
    • Were not affiliate sites
    • Were 100% genuine sites

    Perfect for the 301 redirect method

    These domains are perfect to be used in the 301 redirect technique. Use a 301 redirect to inject link juice directly into your moneysite.

    Perfect for building your own blog network

    Start your own PBN or inject some real link juice into your existing PBN with these domains. You can benefit knowing that the only linkjuice in your PBN is coming from domains with natural backlinks.

    See examples of premium domains

    Domain - DA39/PA50 and has a backlink profile consisting of 7(PR7) 3(PR6) 24(PR5) 15(PR4) 21(PR3) 5(PR2) 14(PR1) plus BBC & .EDU & .GOV Backlinks.

    Domain - DA38/PA48 and has a backlink profile of 1(PR8) 1(PR7) 9(PR6) 21(PR5) 28(PR4) 14(PR3) 3(PR2) 2(PR1) plus .EDU's & .GOV's backlinks.

    Imagine how much link-juice these domains could provide for a PBN or 301 redirect project.

    We also stock cheap PageRank pumper domains

    This is a special stock of pumper domains. Each domain contains at least one backlink from a .GOV or .EDU domain on a page with high PageRank and no rel=”nofollow” tag.

    This means that each domain is a direct tap into link-juice which you can direct anywhere you want. Each domain contains at least one link from a high PageRank page. With these domains you can be sure you’re getting link-juice directly from a backlink on high value page which is flowing PageRank.

    Click the banner below to see our ever changing list of domains

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