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Domain Names: Be Careful When Choosing!



I just completed a course in Web Dev and we were giving this information in one of my classes -- it's funny, but in all seriousness, it shows how important it is to be very careful when choosing your domain name -- no matter what you're selling, etc.!
Choosing Domain Names


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fitnfree, we have had a lot of member join since that first post. Many never saw it. This will be something new to them.

I linked to it so people could read some of the comments since those comments would also apply to your posts. There could be some additional comments to the thread that you started.

Even if you were not new it would be difficult to know about every post that is made. I just happen to have some idea because I read every post in order to know what is going on in the community and to better understand all of the members so I can better handle my responsibilities.