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Does Different Ad Network can lead to different results on the same campaigns?


Hello there ,

I have just uploaded 5 campaigns , that has a very high CTR and they're surely profitable ( my campaign manager has adviced me for those )
and I use buzzcity as my ad network .. and I am not profitable , but I do get conversions .. but yet I am not profitable , and
my campaign manager said that it is probably because of a bad traffic.

so .. can anybody explain me how is this possible that I can get conversions from one ad network and on another ad network I would not get ?
are they using different sites? if yes , how can I know what should I run and on what network ? how can I track those statistics.

also ,
another question for advanced.. I was trying to run prosper202 (is this free?) and I did everything as the tutorial said but my host does not let me drag / add
files that are not ending with " tar " or " Gzip " .. any suggestions? I have tried to drag the whole zip / rar files but it does not let me extract.
I am using Ipage hosting.

Thanks guys!