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Do you send out a monthly/weekly/annual newsletter?

I actually like making newsletters as it makes me harken back to my days as a desktop publisher. I don't really have cause to anymore. People can keep up with my business through my blog. They keep up with me personally via Facebook. I just don't think there's a demand for it. But, your mileage may vary. I'm sure there are times when a newsletter would be appropriate.
I only send out a newsletter if the news within it is exciting and of some value to visitors. A contest announcement, a giveaway, a special limited time offer etc. People don't like getting bothered unless there is something in it for them.
I did send a weekly newsletter to subscribers but then it got overcrowded and I had to stop the mass mail service or else I would get the suspended page. I'm trying to earn money so that I can find one that's good and allows it so I can start again.

I don't.

I have greatly considered doing so in the past, but I don't think my email list is high enough to be worthwhile to send them out. I feel like I can do the same thing with social networks, too, but without annoying people with newsletters that they're unlikely to read anyway.
A tip if you DO send out emails. Open a free yahoo email account and subscribe to your own emails, this way you'll know if the emails have hit the spam folder.

If they have you'll want to try to get the site back into good standing by attempting to get it removed from blacklist sites. ALWAYS use a different domain as the sender and not your own domain, it's not easy to get out of spam!

Letting aweber worry about the sending works.
Newsletters annoy me, especially from forums. I don't do this for my site, and maybe it's something I'll consider in the future, but only to users that subscribe to the newsletter or have the option to unsubscribe/
I send out a weekly newsletter to all members of my website. I do this for 2 reasons:
1. they asked for it - they like having the information pushed out to them rather than having to go to my website to get it.
2. I can give up to the date information - my website is all around finding fun things to do with your family in my local area and there are new events weekly.

I have found that I get about a 35% open rate and it is climbing. I never sell in my newsletter though. I use it simply to build a trusting relationship with my members.