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Do You Have a Marketing Strategy?

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by Nymph, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. Nymph

    Nymph Affiliate affiliate

    This is the sort of thing that can make or break a website launch, and a failed or neglected marketing strategy can take months, even years, to recover from in order to finally gain the traction you were first envisioning for a site or product. This can vary anywhere between a "winging it" approach where you market as you go along, to a very calculated, planned approach if you tend to like to be on the safe side.

    So, what's your strategy?
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  3. BigJ

    BigJ Affiliate affiliate

    Market strategy depends on the product/service. A current project of mine will be heavily promoted across social media such as Facebook because it appeals to those who are online and interactive.
  4. Viktori

    Viktori Affiliate affiliate

    I do, but I haven't had much luck with keeping up with projected schedules and deadlines. I always end up not having enough time to spend on my project and the delay causes a domino effect with all of my planned actions. I'm hoping to get more efficient at this soon, though, so hopefully I could accomplish more.
  5. beachdesign

    beachdesign Affiliate affiliate

    I haven't yet tried implementing a marketing strategy behind any of my personal projects. It would probably benefit me dramatically to implement a strong marketing strategy, and stick to it, and I probably will once I have a more stable environment to work from. Having a solid strategy seems like an important factor to launching a successful online project.
  6. Jodiann12

    Jodiann12 Affiliate affiliate

    Yes, I do have a marketing strategies--in fact, I have marketing strategies. However, I don't always have the time to follow up on them. When this happens then it simply throws my previous attempts off, but I'm still learning how to manage my time efficiently and effectively so that I can consistently implement these strategies on a long term basis.
  7. SimplySidy

    SimplySidy Affiliate affiliate

    I am a strategic Market planner for a few websites and from that experience of mine, I can certainly say, that the right strategy for any website depends on the products/services it has on offer. This cannot be generalized and you cannot say what works for you works for all yielding same results. This happens basically because every website has its own niche to reach and cater to.
  8. Canadian Lover

    Canadian Lover Affiliate affiliate

    I have a few marketing strategies in mind. I am going to keep producing content and license it or use on other sites, provided they link back to my website. This way, I end up getting lots of backlinks overtime. My other strategy is overcome the technical issues of blocked domains on Facebook by purchasing my own and start promoting on the social media website.
  9. sb123

    sb123 Affiliate affiliate

    My product addresses a very focused niche, where the business owners are not known to use the internet as much as other people do. To promote my product to them, I had to appoint local affiliates whom I paid handsomely based on the sales they got doing local face-to-face marketing. I advertised my need on social networking sites and my friends and their friends came forward to work for me in their locality.

    They had some latent marketing skills, and their casual talks with business owners/friends got me the initial breakthrough. In short, I used the common people (my online friends who had not much prior marketing experience) to do local marketing for my product. Some of those friends have brought in lots of sales.
  10. mikong

    mikong Affiliate affiliate

    Marketing Strategy involves knowledge about production and management. These two are just basic keys to start with if you are planning to start a business. People do realize that a successful promotion would create an avenue to attract more income. This idea is based on the basic fact that our customers are considered as valued assets that should never be ignored. By knowing these simple concepts and applying them will enable an individual's business to sprout.
  11. Cammie27

    Cammie27 Affiliate affiliate

    I don't, and I should. I am prone to "winging it" just as a function of my personality but I know that I would be more successful if I took the time to sit down and draft a marketing plan (and an overall business plan) to provide some direction and keep me from going off on one of my infamous and usually unproductive tangents.
  12. mkcookin

    mkcookin Affiliate affiliate

    My marketing strategy is actually quite simple. I first build a squeeze page with an amazing free offer on it. In exchange for that offer, I collect people emails addresses.

    Once on my list, I then provide them with massive free value to help their lives. Once in a while I will promote a product that enhances the information I have been giving them.
  13. CodeMaster67

    CodeMaster67 Affiliate affiliate

    I use promotion forums and then give my services away free for one week. I also like to enlist the help of willing friends to promote my services on their sites or help me get the word out. I also submit to both minor and major search engines.
  14. sardonicone

    sardonicone Affiliate affiliate

    I would be lying if I said I had a concrete strategy in place to roll out with some product, service
    or website launch. I don't, and I'm really not that far into the game again yet to be there. I'm
    just getting my feet wet again, and once I know the niche I'm going to exploit I'll have an idea
    what my market focus will be on.
  15. JennyWood

    JennyWood Affiliate affiliate

    Yes, I have a strategy. It's quite simple - don't depend on my local network sales. Therefore I use content marketing, email marketing to find new customers from abroad (as many countries as I can). On this link you find an interesting article: http://righthello.com/networking-sales why you should have a large network.