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Do I need need targeted facebook account to run ads in different geos?

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by affiliatelk, Mar 17, 2018.

  1. affiliatelk

    affiliatelk Affiliate affiliate


    I would like to promote beauty & helth products through Facebook ads:
    Niche - beauty & helth
    Network - Adcombo
    Method - Cash On Delivery
    Traffic -Facebook ADs
    GEO - Philippines

    My traffic source is Facebook and would like to promote my offer by creating SAFE PAGE with Adcombo's prelander & offer link.

    1. Do I need the philippines based FACEBOOK ACCOUNT or Can I run my ads to philippines geo through my facebook account (my account based on srilanka).

    2. When I create the SAFE PAGE, Is it possible me to link my offer & prelander instantly or do I need to wait upto 3 months (to avoid facebook ban).

    Please give me some crystal clear idea to launch my first FB Ads+ Adcombo based campaign to philippines country!

  2. Voluum
  3. RamyAdcombo

    RamyAdcombo Affiliate affiliate

    Hi there!

    Yes you will need to park your domain in our platform in order to run Facebook adds, that way both the network and pubs play its safe, I invite you to see our blogs for further info on Domain Parking.

    https ://adcombo-blog.com/park-domain-adcombo/

    1-It doesn't have to be from the Philippines. You can run your adds from your account, just make sure its a Fan Page and not a personal account.

    2-Yes, once you park your domain at Adcombo, you can link your offer and Prelander. There is no wait period, just make sure your ads comply with FBs policies.

    PS: If you fear being blocked by Facebook you can always use API integration and for that I recommend you speak to your AM.

    There are some great offers in this vertical for the Philippines and are just perfect for Facebook traffic, that is if you haven't yet decided on what offers you want to run.

    Here are some examples;
    Goji cream -PH
    UpSize - PH
    Detoxic - PH

    Although Goji Cream can be considered a white hat offer, you might risk being blocked by Facebook due to the fact its an anti-aging cream so please ensure you are not breaching their Ads policies. And remember, after selecting your Offer, make sure you speak to your AM so he/she can advice you on the best converting Lander and Prelanders.

    Hope this was of help.