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Do I have to pay to get an adwords account / do keyword research?

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by Delyte, Aug 23, 2016.

  1. Delyte

    Delyte Affiliate affiliate

    I've been trying to get a little bit of a start on keyword research so that I can decide on a niche, but it seems that in order to do keyword research I need an adwords account, and to get an adwords account I need to pay for an ad campaign that I'm trying to do research on before I start. Sounds like a catch-22. Also seen something about SEM Rush API whatever that is, but also seems like something I have to pay for.

    Is there some way around this so that I can do keyword research before paying for an ad campaign?

    EDIT: Looks like they try hard to get you to start a campaign to get an account but I figured out how to skip the payment step so looks like its working now...

    EDIT 2: I'm trying to use keyword software and trying to get a competitiveness ranking for various keywords and this requires a SEOmoz API key, which requires a SEOmoz account, which aside from a 30 day free trial, seems to cost money. is there any way to get a free API key that I can use for this? Or if I do a free 30 day trial and generate an API key, will I be able to use that key beyond my 30 day trial? Didn't intend for this question to get so specific, but basically I'm asking if it's possible to do what I'm attempting for free, it doesn't have to be done via SEOmoz if there's an alternate free keyword program that can give me a similar ranking, or if all these rankings require some kind of API key.

    EDIT 3: Looks like it was the same deal. Followed a separate link through a separate website to create a free account and then got a key. They just make getting these things for free excessively difficult... Just glad I didn't get trapped into paying too early for stuff I don't need haha.

    This has been an exercise in asking questions to find your own answers. HINT: Using google helps ;)
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2016
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