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Discipline to Succeed - for Affiliates

Linda Buquet

While I work on my next article for the <a target="_new" href="">A.I.M. (Affiliate Inspiration & Motivation)</a> series, I wanted to share a couple great blogs I read while doing research for another story about developing a super affiliate mindset.

I discovered the RevenueWire blog when the company contacted me about something new and exciting they will be launching at Affiliate Summit. Geordie Carswell - Director, Business Development at <a target="_new" href="">Paretologic</a> has blogged some good stuff over at the PPC Super Affiliate Blog at <a target="_new" href="">RevenueWire</a>.

I want to highlight a couple of Geordie's entries that tie into this weeks theme of developing a winning affiliate attitude. Not only do the following blogs deal with conditioning your mind and developing certain attitudes, but there is a myriad of good advice too. These blogs are slanted toward PPC affiliates but there is lots of good info for traditional affiliates as well.

<blockquote><strong><a target="_new" href="">The Discipline to Succeed in PPC</a></strong> "The of the hallmark traits of a true super affiliate is discipline. True super affiliates (guys that could fit two of your houses inside theirs) all possess the ability to effectively gain control over their emotions and initial reactions.

Why is this capability so important for current and future supers? Consider a couple of scenarios?" <a target="_new" href="">More</a>...</blockquote>

<strong><a target="_new" href="">Constant Stat Checking?Hidden Dangers</a></strong> "There?s no better way to have Google put your account into ?manual review-land? than *****ing around with your budget or starting and stopping campaigns. It could then be days or longer before they decide to turn on the tap again.

In the above scenario, you may have set your mind at ease by making campaign adjustments in the blink of an eye, but you?ve also potentially cost yourself thousands of dollars in revenue from the ensuing campaign review." <a target="_new" href="">More</a>...

Did this spur some new ideas or re-inforce some old ones.
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