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Did the Robot Eat Your Site???

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by Linda Buquet, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet Affiliate affiliate

    From today's 5 Star blog.

    Back in the "old" days when I did SEO for a living, I did lots of seminars about SEO and was even on a panel with Yahoo once. For one seminar I made up the following saying for a slide.

    "<em>Spiders are like babies... Feed them something they like - they will love you - feed them spam or other things they hate and they will spit it back in your face!</em>"

    This pic shows you in metaphor style, the type of food spiders & bots love, hate or can't digest at all.
    <img src="http://farm1.static.flickr.com/156/353310992_3ee640e005.jpg" alt="spider food" />​

    The picture above is from <a target="_new" href="http://ypnblog.com/blog/2007/01/11/the-robot-ate-my-web-page%e2%80%a6/">The Robot Ate My Web Page</a>, the subtitle of a great article the Yahoo! Publisher Network Blog has for you today.

    "Yahoo! Publisher Network Senior Product Manager Cody Simms and Senior Product Manager Amit Paunikar talk about how important it is to feed our ?bots? a steady diet of tasty, easily digestible content. Cody and Amit also show how you can cook up more palatable pages to help keep our gormandizing little bots coming back for more?and help keep your ads relevant."

    <strong>Content is king? but only if spiders and bots can read and analyze it.</strong> <a target="_new" href="http://ypnblog.com/blog/2007/01/11/the-robot-ate-my-web-page%e2%80%a6/">Click for Yahoo's tips</a> to help ensure the spiders can gobble up all the good stuff on your site.
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