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Daily Success Habits - What are YOURS???

Discussion in 'Success Stories and Bragging' started by Linda Buquet, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet <span style="color: #daa520;font-weight: bold;">Me

    I don't like being tagged and don't take the time to participate in useless banter or meaningless memes. However, I'm proud to have been tagged by <a target="_new" href="http://www.buniek.com/destination-success/success-habits.html">Teli Adlam</a>, blogger extraordinaire over at Destination Success to participate in a meme that's circulating the blogosphere. It was originally started by Aaron Potts and named <a target="_new" href="http://www.todayisthatday.com/blog/simply-successful-secrets/">Simply Successful Secrets</a>. We are basically asked to list the top 5-10 things that we do on a daily basis to become or remain successful at what we do - basically create a list of our personal ?success habits.? <strong>If you track the meme back through <a target="_new" href="http://www.buniek.com/destination-success/success-habits.html">Teli's blog</a> you can gain tons of insight from some VERy smart people and also discover some very insightful Internet marketing blogs on the way.</strong>

    1. <strong>GRATITUDE</strong>
    I'm not nearly as good at giving thanks for all I have as I'd like to be, but I try. Gratitude is at the top of the to-do list in my head and I have so much to be thankful for. I truly believe that what comes around goes around and by giving thanks for what we have, we can attract more of the same.
    <strong>TIP:</strong> Since I'm busy and sometimes forget to give thanks as often as I should, I came up with a new system you may find helpful too. I bought a new watch. Paid more than I normally would. It's my gratitude watch. I vowed when I bought it that every time I looked at my watch it would trigger a reminder in my brain to give thanks. It's working!

    2. <strong>PAY IT FORWARD</strong>
    I believe in karma and I know for a fact that the more we give, the more we receive. One of the ways I "pay it forward" is to give free advice every day in my forum and sometimes other forums as well. I give free advice and tips to affiliates to help them achieve success. I help them with problems and answer questions til my carpal screams. I also freely give advice to merchants not only in the forum but via free telephone consults that I offer. Today I spent over an hour with a guy that wanted to start an affiliate program. I have nothing to sell him, no service to offer him, I just gave him TONS of valuable free advice. I do this numerous times per week. How can I afford to give away all the free consulting? I know it comes back around. Maybe not through that person directly, but it does come back around.

    3. <strong>ORGANIZATION</strong>
    Even though I'm pretty high tech in most respects, I stay organized primarily through the use of a large day timer. Yep a hard copy, paper day timer. Every day I write my to-do list and every day I try to check off each item as I complete it. Low tech, but works for me!

    4. <strong>ONLY BLOG about...</strong>
    I seriously scour the Internet and my feed reader every day trying to find the best news and info I can that I think affiliates, merchants and other reader of my blog would be interested in.
    I only blog about things I think are truly helpful to the industry or would be of interest to my readers - even if it's humor. I spend WAY more time researching and blogging than I should and <em>sometimes sincerely question if it's worth it</em>. But I do it anyway, partly because I enjoy helping people and largely because, right or wrong, I'm just addicted.

    Hate to say it but those are the only things I can think of that I consistently do every day that help my success. I'm sure there are more, but to be honest for the most part I feel like I'm just shooting from the hip. I have no grand master plan even though I encourage affiliates, my family and everyone else to set goals. If someone needs help I help them. If something needs to be done I try to do it.

    GRATITUDE, again... I sure am lucky to be where I'm at and have all I have, considering the fact that I have no goals and sometimes have no clue how I got here. ;-)

    OK time to pass the baton and tag some SMART people you can REALLY learn something from! I hate tagging almost as much as I hate being tagged, so I'll just do a couple.

    <strong><a target="_new" href="http://www.affiliatetip.com">Shawn Collins</a>
    <a target="_new" href="http://partnercentric.com/blog/">Linda Woods</a>
    <a target="_new" href="http://www.bumpzee.com/users/view/jangro/">Scott Jangro</a>
    <a target="_new" href="http://costpernews.com/">Sam Harrelson</a></strong>


    Memes and tagging are a blog thing, but I wanted to come and
    share this here at the forum too.

    Each of you, regardless of your level of success have tips
    you can share that could help inspire others!

    We'd all love to learn from each of you.
  2. terraleads
  3. Dorian

    Dorian Affiliate affiliate

    I get up in the morning and look at everything that has to do with my dreams and goals and then imprint that in my mind for the day.

    Then I do a system called Simpleology where I make a list I have to do and go through a process of filtration to only create a list of only the tasks that will move me forward in my business goals.

    Exercise first thing in the morning is also a big thing for me and how much of a difference it makes in your day for clarity, creativity, ideas and also not as much stress being at the computer for extended periods of times.

    I also take any spare moments to remind myself where I am going and re look at the future I created for myself.

    Get inspired, stay motivated and take consistent strategic action!
  4. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet <span style="color: #daa520;font-weight: bold;">Me

    All such great points!

    Thanks so much for sharing Dorian.

    Who's next???
  5. Oregon Coast Guy

    Oregon Coast Guy Affiliate affiliate

    I have been in the same going-nowhere job for 8 years now, so I'm to the point of not getting easily distracted from my goals.

    I take a nice walk in the morning with my wife before going into the office and we talk about our future home and life at the Oregon Coast. That gets me centered for the day.

    I go in and get to work on my Romantic Oregon Coast Vacations web site, knowing that each step forward I take is one less day stuck here. One day closer to telling my boss goodbye for good.
  6. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet <span style="color: #daa520;font-weight: bold;">Me

    Thanks Tony.

    I'm SO THRILLED you guys are jumping into this conversation and sharing.
    Helps me feel like I know you so much better.

    I am SO with you... I can't wait for you to be able to walk away from the
    J.O.B. because I know it's an important goal for you and I know the freedom of walking away.
    I did it 4 years ago and never looked back.
  7. Lisa76

    Lisa76 Affiliate affiliate

    What a great thread. Linda I couldn't agree more that gratitude and paying it forward are two very important things we should keep in mind. I am thankful everyday that I am able to work from home and do a job that I love.

    I've been keeing a gratitude journal (thanks Oprah! LOL) for the last 3 months and every night I write down how I thankful I am for this "Internet thing" that has now awarded me the opportunity to work for myself. So many people drag themselves out of bed every morning and dread going to the J.O.B. I can't WAIT to get up and sometimes wind up at my computer before my eyes are fully open. :D

    My family and friends thought I was crazy 8 years ago when I started receiving these "random checks" as they called it and I believe they thought it was only temporary. So glad to have proved them wrong.

    And Tony you will get there! Just hang in there. :)
  8. Oregon Coast Guy

    Oregon Coast Guy Affiliate affiliate

    Hi, Lisa!

    Oh, I'll get there alright. I have never been so sure of anything in my life since I got onboard Site Build It.

    Best thing is, I'm having a total blast and the hours go by so fast now. ;)
  9. Lisa76

    Lisa76 Affiliate affiliate

    and THAT's so important. You're having fun and I think that's a key component that's often forgotten. It should never feel like a job.
  10. Oregon Coast Guy

    Oregon Coast Guy Affiliate affiliate

    Absolutely. The fact that it is so much fun provides me a go-get-em attitude which makes my day fly by.

    My next goal is getting a couple of my Adsense checks together, purchasing a laptop and beginning to work on my site from the local coffee shop down the street. Sipping coffee, watching people, working my site and making money. Holy cow! The only thing better would be doing all that with the Oregon beaches outside! haha.
  11. Lisa76

    Lisa76 Affiliate affiliate

    It's funny that you mention that 'cause that's where I am right now....Starbucks! LOL This has always been my dream. The only thing that's missing is the beach you speak of. Lucky duck. ;) The only water view I have is the dirty puddles from the rain we got last night. LOL
  12. Teli

    Teli Affiliate affiliate

    Great thread and great participation. Thank you, Linda, for participating and for getting others involved. :D

    I love your habits, especially the "paying it forward" one. It didn't occur to me while I was writing mine, but it's definitely a biggie. It's simply amazing what happens when you take a bit of time to help someone else, or offer someone else support. It doesn't take much time and not only will you help yourself succeed, but you could be helping someone else do the same.

    Dorian, excellent points. Remaining focused throughout the day is a must. Though I've tried (and failed miserably) at the exercise first thing in the morning, I find that excercising in the evening is perfect for me. So, if anyone else is doing the exercise thing, make sure to find a time that's best for you. :)

    Tony, you will get there. You sound like you're tenacious and that's half the battle. Though I rarely work from a Starbucks (or coffee shop), I do work from my patio occasionally and having a laptop definitely makes it much easier. Save those pennies and invest in one (plus, it'll be a nice tax write off if you use it exclusively for work ;). *IANAA, please consult one.) ROFL

    Lisa, your story is inspiring! Random checks -- that made me giggle. I'm glad to see someone who's making it because others who aren't quite making it yet can look to you and see that it's certainly possible.

    ~ Teli
  13. Shawn Collins

    Shawn Collins Affiliate affiliate

  14. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet <span style="color: #daa520;font-weight: bold;">Me

    Hey Shawn,

    I saw your blog in my feed reader before I got to the forum today.
    So glad you played along. Enjoyed reading your tips!

    I too hate memes like this, but this one is a good one that everyone can
    learn from so thanks for taking the time!
  15. Janice47

    Janice47 Affiliate affiliate

    Came across this thread that invigorates me that I want this to be my first post since joining this forum. Thanks Linda for starting the thread :)

    Here's my success habits which I've implemented since last year and strongly believe it will help me attain my goal:

    1. Gratitude (coincidentally same as Linda's post ;) ) and realize it's also one of the most important success habits mentioned in "The Secret" for Law Of Attraction to work (just been exposed to "The Secret" last month, watched the DVD 2 weeks ago) ;)
    2. Focus - to ensure my mind stay focused on what I want out of my life, and not let outside factors to distract me
    3. Visualize - In the morning, will start my day visualizing my attainment of the goals I set for myself and the feelings it invoke
    4. Persistence - Never give up though on occasions, I still do not see the results I'm expecting but never give up the belief that I will
    5. Patient - To be patient that the results I want will be achieved

    Saw Linda's comment on "Pay It Forward" which reminds me of the movie (can't remember if it's the Movie title as well) and I'm going to incorporate this to my success habits too. Thanks, Linda
  16. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet <span style="color: #daa520;font-weight: bold;">Me

    Wow Janice!

    Great 1st post! Way to jump in and get your feet wet.

    Did you realize you ALREADY did PAY IT FORWARD????

    Many people join 5 Star hoping to GET!
    They try to self promote in their 1st thread or intro
    OR they ask help for a problem they are having.
    (Which is totally fine and part of what this forum is here for.)

    HOWEVER the 1st thing you did here was GIVE!
    The more you give, the more you get and you paid it forward!
    So here's hoping we can repay you 10 fold for your participation.

    Welcome to 5 Star!!! :)
  17. Janice47

    Janice47 Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Linda

    Thank you for the WARM welcome and it's great to know I've implemented the "Pay It Forward" success habits unknowingly ;)
  18. karenlim

    karenlim Affiliate affiliate

    Success Habits

    Hi everyone,

    Glad that there is such a thread.

    My success habits are:-

    (1) Feeling Gratitude towards my love ones & my current circumstances

    (2) Visualize my real reality (that is to stay at home with my little girl)

    (3) Plan my work at office so that I can be efficient and effective and leave
    on dot

    (4) Putting action into my part time business to match my positive emotion when I am visualizing in the morning.

    (5) Smile when I am sleeping as I know I am getting more successful each day and feeling what I am doing current is in total alignment of what I wish to be.

    I wouldn't say it is not tough to sleep only 4-5 hrs a day but I will say I am willing to sacrifice sleep to have my success.

    I have learnt so much from The Secret movie and knew I am going the right track to dedicate my life to spreading the awareness of Law of Attraction. Eveyone of us has the ability to create a better tomorrow.

    Cheers, Karen
  19. Gregg Sugerman

    Gregg Sugerman Affiliate affiliate

    Hey Guys,

    I see the last reply to this thread was over two years ago, but I think it's a really cool thread so I'm replying anyhow lol...

    This is my daily routine/habit. I slip up sometimes, but I really try to start each day this way:

    1) Gratitude. I try to think of everything I have, as opposed to all the things I want and don't yet have. No point in that. I try to feel good and give thanks for all the things I love about myself, and my family, my friends, anything I can think of.

    2) I watch two very short videos from "the Secret" website. One is "the Secret to You", and the other is "the Secret to Riches". Corny? Absolutely, but it puts me in a positive / feel good / the universe is my best friend kinda vibe

    3) I read, out loud (although quietly so my girlfriend doesn't think I am more crazy than I am) something I wrote after reading Think and Grow Rich. It is my "Chief Aim in Life". I try to read it with emotion and faith and belief, so it sinks into my subconscious eventually. Call me nutty but I really do believe in the teachings of that book. I read through it and refer back to it constantly.

    4) Hit the gym. I am usually up at 5:40 AM during the week. After all the steps above, I get to the gym around 6:15. I work out 5x a week, and I find it is crucial to me keeping a positive mindset. It clears my head and by the time I am finished at around 7:15 or 7:30, I feel like I have already accomplished something positive for the day.

    5) I work on learning PPC Affiliate Marketing (after a shower and coffee lol) until around 9:30 AM. I work for a California based company, and run the office out of my apartment, so I am lucky enough to make my own hours (as long as I am SELLING of course). After 9:30 I switch gears to the day job. Around 12:30, I change hats again, eat lunch and study for an hour or so. Then it is BACK to the day job, until around 6 or so. At night, you guessed it, the PPC hat goes back on and I do that until I feel utterly burnt. Some days that happens quicker than others, but I try and keep my eye on the prize and stay positive all day long.

    6) Throughout the day, I try and visualize what my life is going to be like when it gets to where I want it. I try and make myself FEEL like I already have that life

    7) Before bed I re-read my "Chief Aim in Life" out loud again, and try to go to bed in as positive a mind frame as possible.

    There it is....hope everyone is having a great weekend :)
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  20. Brandy Shapiro-Babin

    Brandy Shapiro-Babin New Member

    Tired Contribution!

    Lot's of awsome food for thought here!

    I have these "Brandyisms" I have developed over the years.....here are a few!

    1. No matter what the sun is guarenteed to rise the following morning!

    2. You can fix everything in life but death.....and that we are not truly sure of.

    3. When something bad happens to you.....it is the worst thing in the world....emerse yourself in a pity party, dust yourself off and move forward!

    4. Give without the expectation of getting anything in return

    5. We all know more than we conciously acknowledge

    6. The hardest thing in life is to be honest with yourself.....we hear our parents voices, friends, society, past experiences.....take a few quiet moments every day....and listen to that voice inside, that is the core of your honesty which will lead you to where you want to go or keep you on the happy path you are strolling down currently.

    7. Feel sorry for mean people, they hate themselves more than they hate you.

    I think you guys should have your little fill for now......but something which we try and do at our home at least once a week is go around the table (I even do this with guests) and say a couple of things we are thankful for. I think when you are put on the spot.....what is really important to you comes to the forefront which allows you to really honor yourself and your personal path.

    Sweet Slumber Everyone!
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