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Creaty new YouTube account

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by erikhaze, Sep 27, 2015.

  1. erikhaze

    erikhaze Affiliate affiliate


    I would like to create new YouTube accounts, but it's really difficult. Perhaps it's because I'm in Vietnam and Google doesn't like Vietnamese IP addresses? Google constantly asks me to verify my account with a phone number.

    When I open a new Google/GMail account I'm instantly asked to verify my account with a phone number. Then I have one YouTube account with this name, again I need to verify this YouTube account, to be able to use Thumbnails. Then I open a new account, and Google asks me to verify my Google account. Then I have a second YouTube account, but again I need to verify this account, to be able to use Thumbnails.

    For two YouTube accounts I need to verify my phone number four times. And every number just works a limited time. Usually for two account, but I think Google flagged my IP address already and now I need one number for one account. So for two YouTube accounts I need about two to three phone numbers.

    It's all very difficult and a huge headache.

    Sometimes I'm lucky, probably when I use a new IP in an internet café, then I can open one GMail account and about four YouTube accounts without verification (despite the Vietnamese IP). But then I really need to be lucky.

    Furthermore I don't have phone numbers at the moment. I bought some at Hushed, but it's very expensive and also these numbers only work for YouTube but not for Google. So again, big headache.

    What do you do when you want to open new YouTube accounts? Do you also have such issues? Do you have an easy and cheap solution? Do you know a better phone and SMS provider than Hushed (that really works for Google as well as for YouTube)?

    Thank you!
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2015
  2. newbidder
  3. Jasmine Henderson

    Jasmine Henderson Affiliate affiliate

    Why you need to open so many accounts? You can simply create new channel and this will act like a user. Simple.
  4. Anonymous Marketer

    Anonymous Marketer Affiliate affiliate

    Use proxies and stay anonymous :D
  5. joinal abden

    joinal abden Affiliate affiliate

    Change your IP address and try one more time.
  6. erikhaze

    erikhaze Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you for your suggestions!

    I'm in a hotel and so I can't change my IP that easily :-o I could use proxies and other servers, but usually these ones are already flagged by Google as spammy.

    Or perhaps I just don't have enough knowledge in this area. Can you give me some suggestions where I should go to get a reliable IP address (proxy etc.) that isn't used by hundreds of other people for spamming?
  7. Erik Kyle

    Erik Kyle Affiliate affiliate

    I think it's better to wait for few days then try again with another proxy
  8. Anonymous Marketer

    Anonymous Marketer Affiliate affiliate

    I am using proxy-n-vpn for a long time and their service are good. But a little bit costly. You may take a look :

    Tweet adder, demon proxies | Twitter Social Networks Proxy | Senuke | VPN
  9. lelitob

    lelitob Affiliate affiliate

    In order to change your ip you can use tor, or if you dont like mozilla as browser you could download BlackBelt suit and use vidalia to let you use tor servers on your favorite browser
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2015
  10. Mr. FOX

    Mr. FOX Affiliate affiliate

    I am using hide my ass :p for a long time. Haven't find any problem for changing my ip. It's worth buying.
  11. Dr. Forum

    Dr. Forum Affiliate affiliate

    I am sorry for the struggle and hustle that you are going through. One thing I know that google is always concerned with its security measures and for the reason, you are usually asked to verify your account. I have done the verification too for all the accounts I have opened with google. You may not see the advantage of the whole process now but when that time when your account is hacked into, you will really get a gist of what security and verification mean. After sometime, google always send you a verification just to make sure that any change of details is taken into account.
  12. Jim Moriarty

    Jim Moriarty Affiliate affiliate

    You know right now it's very difficult to open new multiple accounts on YouTube or Gmail. It's always asked to verify for phone numbers. Even proxy don't work.

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