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CPI Campaign + Voluum tracking

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by android_boy, Apr 13, 2014.

  1. android_boy

    android_boy Affiliate affiliate

    Voluum tracking

    Hi guys,

    is here somebody who help me with configuring Voluum? I'm using Mobpartner + Admoda and BuzzCity. I'm configure some parameters but not working that. I need just only tracking from Admoda (adultmoda) ZONEID and from BUZZCITY pubid. From Mobpartner I need track only conversions. I tested one campaign but in Voluum I didn't see any conversions but mobpartner display new transactions. I think problem is in parameters but I don't know which I need use because parameters have too voluum, admoda and too mobpartner. I'm really confused.
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  2. newbidder
  3. android_boy

    android_boy Affiliate affiliate

    so is here who help me with Voluum ?
  4. java

    java Affiliate affiliate

    I could help setup with other tracking platforms but your best bet is to contact volum support. I do not find the need to use them. when there are other great platforms to work with. and their beta version will be closing soon and you will pay them monthly to use their service.

    good luck.
  5. djcrunk

    djcrunk Affiliate affiliate

    Hello android boy. I haven't really tried adultmoda, but if it's the same as admoda (same company owns them, and use the same platform AFAIK), this is what the configuration should look when you add them as new traffic source in voluum...


    That is for tracking the publisher and banner respective IDs. I believe the problem you had is voluum adds automaticaly {%zoneid%}, when you're adding variables, cause most networks use {tracking_token}, so in this case you should erase { } <-----these symbols, and use %% instead

    About tracking pubid in buzzcity well, first things first, do you have that option available in your account right now? Cause most people don't and is kinda hard to get for beginners. Cause AFAIK you gotta spend at least $50 USD per day, for seven days, and I believe you gotta have certain ammount of money in your account (a few hundreds I believe) before asking. They've been changing the requirements so you'll have to ask your buzzcity rep about it.

    Now when it comes to mobpartner, this is very technical, and a lot of things may be happening, so conversions won't show. Make sure you're adding &tid1={clickid} at the end of your offer link in voluum. And that voluums postback looks something like this


    And also that you're setting the postback for each ad network you have registered into mobpartner (common mistake). Hope this helps :) and let me tell you, you probably won't find this kind of technical advice in other free forums, hell maybe not even the paid ones lol.

    Cheers & good luck :ninja:
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  6. android_boy

    android_boy Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks guys. I configure Adultmoda and BuzzCity too ;)
    java: yeah beta end sometime in august then pay $99 but Voluum looks really good. Exists some like Voluum or better for free?
  7. drluisbarrios

    drluisbarrios Affiliate affiliate


    Hello Fixer
    Can you show an screen shot of Voluum on how looks the set up of BuzzCity and Adultmoda?
  8. android_boy

    android_boy Affiliate affiliate


    tracking pubid in BuzzCity don't have yet active. Only IP targeting now using because don't have pubid feature active.
    tid2 you can change from 1 to 6. I'm using one number per one campaign. I don't know if is good mixing same id's with different campaings.
    and custom IP targeting looks much better like blocking publishers because if you check conversions many come from same IP's. Found really good pubid with good traffic from which come conversions is sometime is run for the long haul. Fist 3-4 days only optimizing, optimizing, optimizing and optimizing....

    The only what I never understand for what is good FILTERS in tracking service. If I set options like country, phone model or phone type, operator, time or days for display ad etc... then I don't track click (wrong or fraud) in my tracking service but on adnetwork I lost money per click so for what is this good. LOL.
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2014

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