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CPI(App) or pay per call or other offer?

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by Frank1986, May 2, 2015.

  1. Frank1986

    Frank1986 Affiliate affiliate

    Need some advice, thanks.
    I found the world of IM in 2013 and after two years hard work, now I have a good income from SEO, but I have 0 experience in paid traffic.
    Google changes everyday, so I thought I can't put all eggs in one basket. I must have another income source in paid traffic.
    I have missed the gold age of web, so last month I started my first campaign on mobile, it's an app download offer.
    Then an account manager of some network told me(privately):app download is not a good idea in 2015, newbie is hard to earn in app download, you should try some other type of offers.

    My goal is to reach 500$ profit per day, I have seen many big players reach thousands dollars profit in 2014 by App or Apk, I don't know if I have the chance to reach the goal by App download since the market is changing everyday.

    I think it's important to follow the trend, newer market means less competition and more chance to be success for newbie, sometime I may think: if I were doing SEO in 2008 not 2013, I would be millioner already. So I'm afraid if app download is outdated before running my first campaign?

    I also have interesting in pay per call offer or something better(newer) than app, but I don't know which one has the most potential to reach 500$ profits per day.
    I hope some friends can give me some advices if you have your opinion in mobile internet market.
  2. newbidder
  3. mejustified4ever

    mejustified4ever Affiliate affiliate

    I'm also thinking of app download. I tried few with my Cpa industry but looks like people are willing to make downloads anymore, except, I think, if one will put some sort of incentive to it.
  4. Cr7

    Cr7 Affiliate affiliate

    Hello mejustified4ever.
    cpalead network of very low android apps

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