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Selling Cpa Masters Academy

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by sotirios Androulakis, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. sotirios Androulakis

    sotirios Androulakis Affiliate affiliate

    Hello, I bought cpa masters academy and man it's a f...... great course, I've been through it 10 times already.

    Now I almost know it from head to toes, I took a bunch of notes and implemented tons of beneficial things already.

    But now, I don't really need the course anymore, maybe for the weekly webinars, but I'm fine without them.

    First, I tought about a refund but I changed my mind directly, this wouldn't be fair, they have made a great course (not like 90% of shitty products you can find now), they well diserve their money.

    So I tought about another "everybody wins" solution, since they have now closed their doors to new buyers and the price was 250 bucks, I sell my account for 150 bucks.

    You can change everything inside your member area (username, password, email address) and have access to all features course, weekly webinars, fb masterminds...

    So if you are interrested pm me, the first serious one will be the winner :). Don't freak out if I don't respond to pm right away, I will be a little bit busy this week.

    Cya Bros.
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