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Cool Tools 4 Affiliates - SEO & KW Tools Too

Linda Buquet

Hi guys,

I just FINALLY added a couple new categories to my blog to try to organize things a bit better and make the important stuff easier to find.

I love collecting good SEO and affiliate tools and resources to share with others. Have created a few LONG lists of cool tools in blogs over time, so just added a new category just for tools.

I accidently deleted that blog category. Here they all are from using the blog search:

Check them out. I bet money there are a few time saving gems in there you have not discovered yet!

ENJOY and please share any other good ones you discover here.

REMEMBER... the more you give the more you receive - so leave a pearl and take a pearl.[/B] :)
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Now that's some good stuff...

Hey Linda.

Thanks for the good info its very informative, this is a must read for most Affiliate marketers.

Linda Buquet

Shooot!!! That's another blog category I just wanted to hide from the main menu because the menu was getting too long. It deleted the cat instead.

Sorry. Here are most of them found by using the blog search for SEO tools:

There's a ton of good ones. Remember to give back to our community by listing good tools you find here in this thread for the benefit of other members.


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Linda I just wanted to say that you really have it going on. You are full of fresh new ideas and seem to have a good grasp on the internet marketing world. I would hope to maybe do some JV's with you down the road. Keep up the good work. Maybe we can combine some ideas and get some people to outsorce the work to and make ourselves some nice cash. If you dont know what outsourcing is and how it can make your online buisness grow super fast just go to the General Topics section and ask me in the thread titled "help me help you".


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Thanks so much

Thanks for the information about all these great tools. As a newbie at affiliate marketing, I absolutely love these tools. I've played with a lot of these already, and have learned some interesting things about my website. Thanks very much!


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Thanks, Linda, for the link to all of the SEO tools. I must say that this is probably the most extensive list that I have run across so far on the internet.