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Converting Visitors to Buyers

Linda Buquet

We have some good conversion improvement tips for you today. This article offers 5 conversion issues you should evaluate on your web site including checkout, content, security, access and visual cues that will help you achieve maximum profitability. "If you think like a potential customer when visiting your own site you are likely to discover some interesting information. Explore below to see if your site qualifies as conversion ready."

MarketerToday :: Marketing Strategy: 5 Quick Tips to Convert Visitors to Sales on Your Website


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thank yo linda i went to taht link and i appreciate the info in the made me go back and change or add some things on what site.


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Very Relevant Article ? All should listen!

Hi Linda,

Thank you for the link to a very relevant article, I hope forum members take heed of this HIGHLY ACCURATE information, especially the part about being available for contact.

Having run a number of e-commerce ventures, both in physical product and in virtual / downloadable products, I think the one determining factor in my online success, is the commitment to transparency and availability? something that has long since been lacking in e - business.

Gone are the days when you can bang up a website, implement automation and sit back to let things happen.

E-business requires an immense amount of trust between parties, especially when you consider the lack of governance online and the ease for unscrupulous dealings.

This very fact requires that site owners do the utmost to make them selves available to potential customers and that all of us involved in trading our wares online work towards a greater level of transparency with regards to making ourselves available via every form of traditional contact:

1. FAX
5. And even VOIP

This kind of commitment, not only installs trust, it build relationships, brings realness to doing business online and set about making a difference to the image of online business.

Justin Harrison


keep that conversion funnell going

Great stuff. I wrote a white paper on a 100 plus tips to making your site convert. Its amazing how many basic things webmasters miss because they can't see what the customer is facing for the first time.

You have to take yourself out of your shoes and think like a customer. It used to be a guessing game but with web stats programs getting better with a b testing. Tt takes the guessing out of it and more of a techie testing program

Now if we could any taking the best guessing strategy out of natural search.......any idea's??........

I've heard of sites that manage 200 plus domains and tweek each site just a tad to see what works best with the engines. Then you hear focus that say stop playing the little games and stick the basics Copy is king and Get some good quality links

good luck converting sales!