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Hi, all:

Im new to this forum, actually, i visited about three weeks ago, and thought i posted but apparently did not. I was going to mention the contest, and how i've not seen this idea in the other forums im registered at or participate in. It's a great idea and surely will try it at my forum. At the time, i noticed the board had way less posts and members, so obviously the contest idea is working. I will also work on recruiting new members, as i will place a link to this forum on my affiliate resource site, Affiliate Boulevard.

Missy Diaz

Linda Buquet

Belated welcome Missy,

Can't apologize enough for missing your post and for not welcoming you sooner.
You posted the Monday after I was at the hospital with my brand new grand daughter and I guess I was crazed playing catch up and missed your post.

Thanks so much for posting Staphanie and extending Missy and warm welcome!