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Content Writing


Hi all,

Does anyone know when to use a disclaimer?
I am in the process of putting content on my site
and not sure if it is needed.

Thanks, Lester

Franck S

If your sites is promising any kind of results, you should add a disclaimer. It's always good to protect yourself.

I don't add one to all my websites. I have a stop smoing products site, and I will seek legal help before getting it live, since it deals with people's health.

Disclaimer: It's not a legal advice...

For this kind of things, it's always good to try to get legal advice. It's a good question, and I would like to see other's insight on this.


For me I do because it does add a lot of professionalism and people do like that when they see the name of your company and other information. Adds most trust with you and the prospect.

As one person said in a reply here, nothing to lose everything to gain.

Hope that helps.




It really depends on what your content is about and whether there is any kind of risk involved

Risks tend to be alot higher where you have eBook type sales pages where all kinds of hype and cliams of making money are involved. These kind of pages MUST have a disclaimer somewhere

You can also put a disclaimer in the footer of your webpage content if you wish

My own practice is to make a statement that is effectively a disclaimer within the body of the article or content on my site
So when I am writing about horse racing for my site, I will put somewhere in the content, things like - obviously any horse can win a race but... or making money from horse racing is difficult but not impossible etc. Legally the article is taken as a whole, so a disclaimer of this type would probably protect you more than something write at the bottom of the page that people might not see if they didnb scroll down that far


Content Writing and Disclaimers

Thanks for info. :)

I am putting up content about internet monitoring
software. Once I finish with the content I will publish
it on my website. Then I will submit my site to the
merchant for approval. This type of software is made
by different companies with varying features and rating.
I am just starting out and want to cover all basis.