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Computer Affiliates TOP $ + Win a Trip to Cayman Islands

Linda Buquet

5 Star Affiliate Programs is proud to announce the re-launch of the new improved TheNerds affiliate program. TheNerds offers Top Commission on Consumer Electronics, Computer Hardware & Software.

When Jon Levine 1st posted about TheNerds affiliate program here at the 5 Star forums - I told him this was a program that sound like I designed it. It has every affiliate-friendly feature that I like programs to have, so I'm VERY happy to welcome Jon and TheNerds into the 5 Star family of pro-active affiliate programs.

What do you get when you add up these affiliate program benefits???

+ High commissions (about the highest in the electronics space)

+ FREE affiliate datafeed and GoldenCan integration (50,000+ products)

+ 800# phone tracking so you get credit for ALL your sales

+ Parasite-free ethical marketing stance

+ ShareaSale tracking (the network many affiliates prefer)
= All these essential elements add up to make TheNerds
an affiliate-centered program you can't afford to pass up!

On top of all that add?

+ Quick Start Bonuses

+ A 7 Day Trip for 2 to the CAYMAN ISLANDS Contest

Find out more about TheNerds Affiliate Program
and the Cayman Islands Contest here!

As always, let me know if you have questions, or if I can help you be successful with this high integrity 5 Star affiliate program.
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Linda Buquet

I just heard from Jon, the affiliate manager...

The latest EPC numbers are in and looking strong!

In the last 30 Days:
30 Day EPC: $37.20
30 Day Conversion Ratio: 2.59%
30 Day Average Sale: $357.82

In the Last 7 Days:
7 Day EPC: $41.48
7 Day Conversion Ratio: 1.97%
7 Day Average Sale: $526.98

Even better, the trends are on the upswing, so we're only getting better!

Not a member of Affiliate Marketing Program? Don't wait, join today and get yourself a share of the loot!

Linda Buquet

Important Update:

Apologies to all! TheNerds site has been down due to a MAJOR DOS attack.
They have been working with the FBI and their own people to isolate and stop this attack and will get the site up and running as soon as possible.

Of course, this could not have come at a worse time for the affiliate program, since we just announced it. Until they get the site up and running, you can sign-up directly at ShareASale. By the time you join and get approved the site should be back up.


New Member
Thanks for keeping everyone informed, Linda. It's been a CRAZY couple of days for us here at I am very happy to report though, everything is back to normal and the sales are rolling in!

Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Jon Levine and I am the Director of Affiliate Marketing for I am here to say that we are fully committed to making our affiliate program the absolute best that it can be. I have spent the past few months researching, designing, and most important, listening to affiliates about what they want so that we can make this the best program available.

I'm not going to repeat all of the good stuff that Linda has stated above about Affiliate Marketing Program, but I encourage you to check it out and join today. If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please never hesitate to contact me directly. I welcome all emails, phone calls, and IMs.

Good luck and great selling!



Linda Buquet

Hey Jon,

Thanks for keeping us informed and I'm glad you guys recovered quickly.

BTW the affiliates I'm talking to are all VERY excited about this program.
many of them have been looking for a good electronics or computer program to replace merchants that either weren't paying well or converting well.

Ok guys - let's Rock!


New Member
Here are the latest numbers for you:

30 Day EPC: $37.54
30 Day Conversion Ratio: 2.74%
30 Day Average Sale: $339.88

7 Day EPC: $36.85
7 Day Conversion Ratio: 2.82%
7 Day Average Sale: $328.91

Looking strong!

Get your share of this pie and JOIN TODAY!


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I am very happy to annouce that we have just launched the first, in what is to be many, RSS feeds for our affiliates.

This first one will be for the distribution of our weekly "The Goods" hot deals list that is currently sent out via email. If you would like to have this list delivered directly to you via RSS, just point your news aggregator to:

Soon we will be launching more RSS Feeds to distribute our weekly best sellers, coupons, and any SPIFs or specials we have.

Stay tuned!

Linda Buquet

Good going Jon.

I noticed on another forum an affiliate asking about how to append their affiliate ID to the feed. I assumed the feeds you were building already had that feature built-in. That's what affiliates want when I said they are anxious to get the feed. Not sure how you would do it in SAS but I'm certain there is a way. It would be similar to a datafeed. When affiliates pul your feed their ID is embedded in each product link. That's what affiliates want your RSS feed for too.

Check with Brian. Maybe he's already helped other merchants implement this feature in SAS.


New Member
Here's the latest best sellers from

The Good August 21 ? 27

Welcome to this week?s edition of ?The Goods?, a list of the best selling products of the week from This week?s email is packed with items from notebooks to motherboards and everything in between!

Don?t forget, you can also get this information from our RSS feed. Just point your news aggregator to Currently, the links on this feed do not automatically enter your USERID, but we?re working on it! We?ve heard from many affiliates who have requested this feature and I?ve got our crack team of programmers working hard to make this happen.

Another bit of exciting news: our new COUPON SYSTEM is in the final stages of testing. That?s right, we?re about to start offering coupon codes, discounts, pay per sale SPIFs and a whole lot more!

Also, we are now a part of both GoldenCAN ( and DatafeedFile ( Both of these great services make integrating our products on your sites a snap. Check them out!

Here?s ?The Goods?:

HARD DRIVE, 250GB MYBOOK USB 2.0!!USERID!!&b=39111&m=8297&afftrack=&


BlueParrott B200 Bluetooth Phone Headset!!USERID!!&b=39111&m=8297&afftrack=&

42IN PLASMA DVI-HDCP!!USERID!!&b=39111&m=8297&afftrack=&

HP dc5100MT XP Pro 40GB, 256MB, Pentium 4!!USERID!!&b=39111&m=8297&afftrack=&

ThinkPad Z60t 2513 Pentium M 760 2 GHz-RAM 512 MB-HD 80 GB-DVD+/-RW-Mdm-LAN!!USERID!!&b=39111&m=8297&afftrack=&


HDD 500GB 7200RPM!!USERID!!&b=39111&m=8297&afftrack=&

MOBILE PM T2500 DC 2.0GHZ 2MB 667MHZ 65NM BOX!!USERID!!&b=39111&m=8297&afftrack=&

Optio E10 Entry Level 6 MP Digital Camera w/ 3X Optical Zoom!!USERID!!&b=39111&m=8297&afftrack=&

ATX MBD NF4 ULTRA DDR-SATA PCIE RAID!!USERID!!&b=39111&m=8297&afftrack=&

Linda Buquet

More good stuff from the NERDS!

Thanks for keeping us informed Jon!

Yourlinks aren't live though and are spreading the page too wide.
Do you know what you need to do to fix it otherwise I can see if Larwee has time to fix it??? I don't have time to and it would kill my carpal.


New Member
Thanks Linda.

Actually, the links are not live for a reason. These are preformatted for ShareASale except for the affiliate's ID code which needs to be substituted for "!!USERID!!" in the link. If they were live in their current form, they wouldn't lead anywhere.

I should have posted this when I made the original post.

That being said, I don't know how to make the "wrap" without actually making the link live (using the URL /URL tags). Is there a way to do this?


Linda Buquet

Oh I see now. Didn't look closely to see the SAS id in the link. You are right they should stay that way. That one part of the page will just be wide, that's OK.