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Clickbank niche help


Ive got a serious mental block. I have been trying to come up with a niche that has some click bank products for the last 4 hours. Now I realize that I'm doing this backwards. I should probably find a niche then pick a affiliate network. But for reasons I'm not willing to go into just yet I'm sticking with click bank. So what I'm asking I guess is, is there any product that cb offers that will give plenty of writing material that I could put in a blog and ad some ppc to to make some sales. If none of this makes sense its because its almost 2 o clock in the morning where I live and I cant sleep like always. I'm out of pills and depressed about my affiliate situation currently. So pretty much I'm just babbling on trying to spring up some new Idea. I mean what is a good general theme of a product cb carries a lot of?

IM LOST:confused:

Linda Buquet

I don't deal with CB so can't tell you. I would suggest steering clear of Internet marketing topics as they are very competitive on CB.

Zack, I don't think anyone can tell you a good niche. If it's great and they are making money they won't share it. Plus what works good for someone else may not work for you. A GOOD niche for you would be something you are interested in and know about, so you can write content more easily.

As you scan all the categories at CB is there one that jumps out as something you could focus on? If so then pick some products and do some KW research. Try to stay in a specific niche where everything you write will be "themed" to attract a certain type of visitor.