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click fraud prevention for CPC program


Can anybody offer some ideas when it comes to click fraud prevention?

I was looking at starting a pay per click website whereby people list products on my website the same way in which you would list yourself with a pay per click search engine.

I would like to have an affiliate program on the site that pays other websites for sending buyers to my website.

But the problem scenario I have is.
Let?s say that ?Johnny advertiser? lists his product on the site with a click through bid of 5 cents

?Bob affiliate? sends ?Joe the surfer? to my website, Joe clicks through to Johnny?s
Product (which is still on my server just in case that makes any difference)
Johnny pays 5 cents and Bob earns a % commission.

(Also the surfer can click on different products from different advertisers and the affiliate can make a commision on each one)

How do you minimise or prevent ?Bob affiliate? from abusing the system and making commissions from fake clicks etc.

As you can probably tell i'm new to afiliate marketing.