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Selling Traffic Claim Your October Bonus : EZMOB Self-Serve

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by SuryaJ, Oct 15, 2020.

  1. SuryaJ

    SuryaJ Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    Hello Members,

    We are once again set to make your Q4 Targets easier!

    Take the maximum advantage of our October ad- spend bonus by simply buying traffic like you normally do.

    Reach out to your AM today, if you already qualify for any of the below rewards,

    • Get 2.5% added for spending over $1200

    • 3.5% for spending over $2500

    • 5% added for spend between $5000 and $10K.
    For every new partner, we are featuring a special ‘Welcome Bonus’ of 10% on any deposit amount [Min $50]

    Set up an account today Or launch your campaigns, start with as low as $50.

    Reach out to us on Support chat to get more information.

    Read more about us here:

    Daily Live Inventory data

    EZmob's Media Kit

    EZmob's HelpDesk

    Check out our Newly added Payment Methods - Easy to Pay with EZmob

    Also, check out - Ready to launch new campaigns? Ezmob - Best Verticals | Min Deposit | New Features
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