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Citysearch to end affiliate program


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Citysearch has an affiliate program with Commission Junction and they also had their own direct in-house affiliate program. I used them directly.

I have used them since they started. I was already using Smartpages when Citysearch became available and Citysearch couldn't come close. One reason is because it was much more limited in area. I stayed with Citysearch when Smartpages was sold to and then they decided to end the affiliate program. Your Citysearch experience may have been different than mine was.

Citysearch plans to end their affiliate program the end of this month and then start a new one next year. Doing something like that usually doesn't work. Here is the e-mail Citysearch sent about this:
Tuesday September 12, 2006

Citysearch has elected to end its affiliate program effective September
30, 2006, and final payment will be forthcoming. We hope to launch a new program sometime in 2007.

Thank you,

Citysearch Affiliate Team


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As long as its for making improvements to the program and they maintain contact with current affiliates they should have no problems