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Cheap Web Hosting 2016

Ninja Marketer11

Is everyone looking for cheap web hosting, right? In this case, you needed to consider something. For example:

You needed concern about hidden fees. Sometimes web hosting company offer you free hosting which isn't free at all. Because they will make an extra charge at the end of the year.

Free domain is another important factor. Most of the web hosting company are offered you the free domain and the renewal price would be high, or the transfer rates will be higher.

Uptime is one of the major facts. If the hosting company do not provide the 100% uptime, then your business will go down.

So be careful to choose any cheap offer then use the reputable one.


I do agree, uptime is really important, but 100% uptime is really impossible, as your must also consider the upstream provider side, if they having any network upgrade or very common Maintenance this can also lead to some small downtime. So for 100% uptime is really impossible. So anyone who host online will need to be prepare it. So with 99.99% is already consider very good uptime.

I think most important is the customer care and support you receive.

Shafi Khan

Completely Agree with what you have shared. Instead of going for a cheap web hosting, spend few extra dollars and buy service from reputed host. It helps a lot in long run.

And web hosting from reputed hosts like BlueHost ($2.95/Mo) and SiteGround($3.95/mo) are affordable now-a-days.


Service Manager
Service Manager
Vivio Technologies
A couple additional things to consider:

1) Watch for conglomerate brands! If you buy hosting from a brand that is part of a conglomerate, generally speaking you're getting the same service as you'd be getting somewhere else.

The reason conglomerates exist is so that if you're unhappy with one brand, and you move, you may move to a different brand that is part of the same conglomerate. That way, even when you're unhappy, and even if you end up moving, you'll still be a customer of the conglomerate, and they still end up getting your money.

Some well-known hosting conglomerates are UK2Group, Endurance International Group, etc. Check them out, see what brands they own, and know what you're buying.

2) Watch for 'Introductory' pricing! Many places advertise super-low pricing, like 3-5 bucks per month. This is a deception, as that price will only last for your first term. After your first term, they will jack up the price on you to 'regular' rates, which can be 3-4 times higher than their 'introductory' rate was. They do this because they know it's a pain to move your site, and they're hoping you'll just take it and pay the higher cost. Most people do.

Ideally, work with a company that offers high-quality service, and doesn't play games with misleading pricing models. It's very important that you be able to trust your hosting company. They host very sensitive information for you. If you can't trust them, you shouldn't work with them.

Hope this helps!