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Carpal Tunnel Pain???

Linda Buquet

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Carpal Tunnel Wrist Pain Solutions for Internet Marketers

"Many of you know that I suffer from severe CTS - carpal tunnel syndrome. Truth is that most of you who work online full-time like I do, either already have wrist pain or will someday. I was reading a post about CTS over at ThreadWatch today and was amazed at how many people responded - even Matt Cutts from Google weighed in about the special mouse he uses to try to combat CTS pain. So I ended up writing a book over there, sharing all the things I have tried that have helped relieve my carpal tunnel. I'm posting the info I wrote here on the 5 Star blog too, in the hopes that it helps some of you.

I have CTS REALLY bad and was afraid I would have to use a foot mouse or get out of the biz. Came close to surgery but for many people it really does not help, so decided I would try everything possible 1st. Here are some things that have helped a ton! If I'm careful and stick to the things that work, I am now almost pain-free."

This is really long and full of important advice for anyone suffereing from CTS.
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Do you hurt??? :(
Do you use a special mouse or keyboard? Which one?
What have you tried that helps?