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Can't Invoice - Fear of Asking for Money???

Linda Buquet

Hi all,

I have a problem and am hoping the shrinks on this board can help me figure it out.

I HATE invoicing my clients and ALWAYS procratinate. It's quick and easy and it brings really good money in the door - so I should WANT to do it, right??? :eek:

A friend of mine said invoicing is her favorite thing to do every month because she likes to bill people and collect checks.

Invoicing is the one thing I ALWAYS put off. I should be invoincing on the 20th. I never get around to it until the 1st. Now it's the 3rd and I've been putting it off and can't make myself do it. Don't know why. Note: the invoices I'm sending are for services rendered THIS MONTH, so I already started working 2 days ago - by the time I invoice and get paid by my clients the month will almost be over.

This is nuts. I have great clients. Not afraid to ask them to pay me for services rendered, they are all very happy with the service I provide. WHY CANT I MAKE MYSELF DO IT??? :confused:

Ok, this is the last straw. No more excuses or diversions. I just can't let myself read or post in any more forums til I get this done. I'll be back... :eek:

Linda Buquet

Whew. Done! May that was like pulling teeth to try to make myself get started. Once I did the 1st one it was fine as always - a breeze.

Yep I need to delegate stuff like billing. Where's that bonk on head smilie? :rolleyes:


Hi Linda,
When I first started my business and it came time for invoicing, I would cringe b/c I generally did not like asking people for money - although I had already rendered services.

Even now, depending on the client (if they're especially good clients), I have trouble invoicing.

What I discovered was it was my views of money and my relationship with it.

It has nothing to do with how you value your services or your time - it has everything to do with how you feel about accepting money from other people.

If you're especially proud, or don't like receiving handouts (how easy is it for you to ask for help when you need it?), then invoicing will most likely be a problem.

Sure, you're not asking your clients for a handout - but it may *seem* that way subconsciously.

That was something I needed to work through before I could see a profit with my web design business.

Remind yourself - you are a business, your time and expertise is your product, and you deserve to be fairly compensated for it - it is not a hand out.

If it's still too difficult, you may want to hire a company or an assistant who will do the invoicing for you - just send them the client information, the totals to bill, and let them collect the money.

And glad to hear you finally got it done - next time, don't wait so long ;)

~ Teli


It's hard, because it's such a game - you ask, you're expected to be more attentive each time you get something. Working with clients is like a game, unless the client is very professional, as most successful webmasters seem to be. The ones who have small sites and low goals seem to be the ones who need so much handholding, can't prioritize, get so easily sidetracked, that you're afraid to ask for money knowing you will pay for it with your own peace of mind :)

Linda Buquet

I think Teli hit the nail on the head - pretty close anyway.

I think it's not so much my relationship with $ but my biz thats the problem. I love helping people and I love what I do so much it doesn't feel like work. When I used to be in upper management on salary I used to give WAY too much free advice and consulting away - so I guess it's partly habit and makes it hard to ask in advance to be paid for something I love doing and would probably do for free if I could afford to. (I know I'm weird.) I left corporate Amercia to do this biz and am SO blessed to be doing what I am doing and billing just feels so corporate. But no matter how you slice it biz clients dont pay until they are invoiced, so I just need to do it.


Linda Buquet said:
...makes it hard to ask in advance to be paid for something I love doing and would probably do for free if I could afford to. (I know I'm weird.)

You're not weird Linda,
I was the same way with my web dev. business when I first started because I loved doing it so much, that it didn't seem like work and it seemed almost unfair to charge people for it.

I found out the hard way that there's nothing wrong with being compensated for your time - and I also look at it that way when I contract services too - I'm happy to pay for quality work.

~ Teli


Yeah, you are weird Linda ... don't listen to Teli, she's just being too nice as always!!!

Just kidding :D But seriously: I will invoice for you. I'll have no shame in "selling you high" ;)


New Member
Linda --

You're not alone. That happens with a log of small business owners. What may help you is to:

1. Prepare several months invoices in advance
2. Schedule a meeting with yourself to accomplish this task -- put it on your calendar.
3. Outsource it.

Cash flow is one of the biggest causes of business failure. Invoicing brings that cash in. It should rank right up their with your marketing activities in terms of priority.

Best regards,
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To top off your fear of invoicing, I have a fear of PAYING :D

Just kidding, but I seriously am lazy. I love paying for your services, but god am I lazy!!! But good news for you, we're bringing on a part-time CFO soon who will be responsible for issuing all checks.

So, yes, DELEGATE!