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Campaign Running Out Of Steam On PoF?

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by Marley, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. Marley

    Marley Affiliate affiliate

    Hey, bit of a newbie so looking for advice.

    I've been running 3 campaigns for a couple of weeks now, targeting UK Males 35+. It's the same images and ad copy in each campaign, just targeting different age groups (36-41, 42-47, 48-53)

    First week, I loaded up ~15 images and 1 ad copy into each campaign, ran it and it went well. Usual optimising of the campaign, culled any image that had zero clicks and 1,000 impressions, then culled any images that were not profitable at 4,000 impressions when they got that high.

    Was achieving about 13% conversion rate, campaign was profitable and life was good. hey, this CPA thing might actually work :) (this was my first ever dating offer, my first PoF offer, my first profitable offer, a whole bunch of firsts!)

    Started to see the number of images was getting low (~4) after removing the non-profitable ones, so I started adding more. I try to keep a minimum of 10 images active at all times, and that can go up to 30 when I load a new batch. Always follow the same optimisation strategy, zero clicks at 1,000 gets culled, anything not profitable at 4,000 gets culled.

    Anyway, after that first week, the conversions started to drop. clicks were still going through to the offer from my lander at 50%, but the conversion rate dropped from 13% to 5% (basically 1 in 4 who clicked through were signing up in week 1 and 1 in 10 in week 2, with half the people not going past the lander). Week 3 it dropped further to 2% (so only 1 in 25 who click through the lander).

    Was starting to run low on images again, so I uploaded a bunch of new ones (new images being new and unlikely to have every appeared on PoF before, not out of a image pack I downloaded). So this morning (Saturday night UK time, so it's been Friday night and all day Saturday) I check my stats and the conversions were zero. 18 clicks on my ads in the last day and zero conversions.

    So, I guess after what I am really asking is, does the offer just 'wear out'? Do you get to the point where everyone who is going to sign-up has, and you are just wasting your time/money after that?

    Is this normal PoF behaviour (this was my first campaign on PoF)?

    What would you do here?

    Seems to me that whatever I do, I can't get the punters to actually sign-up on the offer page. I get them there, but then they stop.

    FWIW, I have just switched out the offer to a similar (lower paying, so keeping it profitable will be harder) offer to give that a try. Offer page isn't spectacular, so it's really a 'last grasp' attempt. Unfortunately the offer really needs a specific try of offer page so my options are limited.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. terraleads
  3. Marley

    Marley Affiliate affiliate

    hmmm ... well, as I expected the replacement offer has completely tanked and had zero conversions.

    oh well, was good while it lasted. Time to find a new campaign...
  4. benpof

    benpof Affiliate affiliate

    How much was your spend? You can saturate POF but that requires MINIMUM $1000/day for a solid few weeks at only 1 demographic.
    Also, keep in mind that dating slows down the closer you get to Christmas.. January is when things pick back up big time.
  5. Marley

    Marley Affiliate affiliate

    Hey Ben, thanks for the reply.

    I'm nowhere near $1,000 a day - more like about $25, so it's not that then. Maybe the offer just isn't resonating with the target demo, or the lander isn't doing a good enough job of preselling, and I was just lucky in the first week.

    Interesting fact about Christmas though ... hand't thought of that.

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