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Ask Me Anything C-class IP hosting. Question.

Discussion in 'Domains and Hosting' started by Pyth, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. Pyth

    Pyth Affiliate affiliate

    I have had short conversation with my webmaster and it seems he is recommending me to get C-class IP hosting. I have done the search and it turned up as SEO hosting. Are the same things? As for the providers? What about seohost.com? Are they good?
  2. Voluum
  3. utdream

    utdream Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Are you talking about trying to get your own Class-C block of IP Addresses? If so, then your webmaster is using incredibly outdated information, not to mention a terrible business practice.

    IP Addresses are broken out into blocks of 4 numbers, ranging from 0 to 255. So, the smallest IP Address you could have would be, and the largest IP address you could have would be

    There are 3 classes of IP addresses, Class A, B, and C, which are determined by the size of network blocks they encompass:
    Class A: 255.n.n.n
    Class B: 255.255.n.n
    Class C: 255.255.255.n

    So, a Class C range of IP addresses would be any range which includes all 255 IP Addresses for a specific range. For example, one example of a Class C range is 208.77.211.n. Which means all the IP's from to

    With the extreme shortage of IP addresses in the last 5 years or so, there's no way that you're going to get any reputable provider to give you a full Class C range of IP's that you can use to snow-shoe your SEO. No way. Not happening. I would also question the integrity (and knowledge) of anyone who recommended such methods to you as a viable marketing strategy. Don't do it, and don't listen to anyone who recommends such foolishness.
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  4. andesW

    andesW Affiliate affiliate

    Very good explanation is given above. I would say in the following way. If you want to find if seohost.com provide the service you have been looking for that is better to ask them directly.