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But Does Online Dating Actually Work? Yes, it does work!


Yes, it does work! But like with everything else, there is a catch. Millions of singles are joining, or have already joined, Online Dating sites and they can’t all be wrong. So, you ask, what’s the catch? Finding that one-and-only for you takes time and effort. That’s the catch. You don’t just throw one line in the water and expect a miracle. It isn’t that easy.

You have to write a great profile and post a picture. The important thing here is to be honest. Being funny and original will make your profile stand out among thousands. The picture needs to be as flattering as possible but it needs to reflect the real you, too. All of these things take more time. You must make the first move by contacting prospects by email and you can’t use a “form” email.

Each contact needs to be different and special. You need to make reference to their profiles and not just drool over their picture. You will need to answer emails that you receive and do so promptly… but not TOO promptly. This takes time, too.

This is all my experience. I made a lot of mistakes when I was new to online dating. I was rejected and I didn’t know where I made a mistake. It took me very long time to know what I did wrong. And I wanted to share this experience with you guys, so created 7 powerful online dating secretes.

I am not here to sell, but to share them.